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Consumer Automotive Research is the best resource on the internet for everything about the automotive industry. We focus on everything about cars and the technologies that make them possible. We cover the past and present of cars. And we follow the latest developments in the future of cars and transportation. 

We know how valuable it is for consumers to get the best, and most accurate information possible. That’s why we take painstaking care to make sure that everything we publish is up to standard. 

We share your passion for cars. We call ourselves gearheads for a reason. And we want to share our knowledge and experience with you. This blog is about helping fellow gearheads better appreciate the machines that move us. 

The truth about cars is that no two are the same. They might look the same and run the same, but each one has a character that is uniquely its own. We treat our readers the same way, each unique and with different tastes, but all united for our love of automobiles. 

Each article we publish is a labor of love, much like the parts that go into building a car. Each article we publish is exclusively for you, to consume, to enjoy, and to share with others who love cars the same way we do. 

As cars can’t move without a driver, so our blog can’t flourish without its readership. We value your thoughts and opinions on all things cars and otherwise. Contact us so we can get to know you better. 

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