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Manufacturer: ‎GearLight

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Color: ‎Tactical Black

Material: ‎Military-Grade Aluminum


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Color: ‎Soft White

Material: ‎Aluminum+PC


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Voltage : ‎110 Volts

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Batteries Required: ‎No


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Buyer's Guide: Emergency Lights

How to choose emergency lights that are right for you

When it comes to emergency lights, there are many aspects that you need to consider. Emergency lights are used for various purposes, but they all have one thing in common- they need to be able to provide light during a power outage. There are three main types of emergency lights: stick or handheld flashlights, lanterns, and headlamps. The type of emergency light you’ll need will depend on your situation. This article will help you pick the perfect emergency lights for you.

What are Emergency Lights?

Emergency lights typically come in one of two types: portable or fixed. Portable lights are also known as flashlights or even flashlights. Flashlights are what you want to use if you’re stuck outside during a storm, lost, or otherwise are unable to get indoors. They’re great for keeping your eyes peeled when you’re wandering around trying to get home or find your car.

Headlamps are just what they sound like, a head-mounted light with a halo. There are a variety of headlamps out there, with battery-powered options, but many people prefer the traditional AA batteries for most emergency lights, particularly when it’s stormy outside.

When do I need emergency lights?

Usually, emergency lights are needed during major power outages, especially during cold weather. Power outages in the winter can be extremely dangerous, and if your power is out for any length of time, you're probably going to be in a bad situation. Winter is also the best time for a power outage because of low temperatures, which can cause things like pipes to burst.

There are several emergency light types, but stick lights are easiest to use because they're usually small and lightweight. If you have a stick light, you'll be able to find out how bright it is from your phone. You'll also be able to see how many AA or AAA batteries it takes to power it.

Different types of Emergency Lights

There are many different types of emergency lights, but they all share the same purpose- they need to be bright and be able to help you find your way out of a dangerous situation.

When you're faced with a dangerous situation, you need a flashlight that you can use hands on. There's no need for a headlight in an emergency situation.

It's important to use a light source that provides the highest amount of light possible. A flashlight needs to give off enough light for you to see, but it doesn't need to be as bright as an LED light bulb.

A flashlight is most useful when it's light enough to see, but not so bright as to be bright and make you feel like you're in a theater.

Things to consider before purchasing Emergency Lights

If you don’t have the funds to buy a high-quality emergency light, then there are ways to supplement the power you need. You can purchase lanterns and headlamps at big box stores such as Walmart or Costco. Although these are lower quality than a headlamp, they are light enough to use as emergency lights if you only need a small amount of light.

There are also numerous independent companies that sell emergency lights and lanterns online or at many military bases around the world. These smaller companies usually sell their products for less and have better customer service. The companies are usually non-profit or for-profit, so that’s important to know before you buy.


Headlamps are a great choice for a lot of emergency situations. A headlamp can provide you with enough light to check yourself, your children, and your belongings for items that are damaged, and for other important functions that might be needed if you’re stuck outdoors. Headlamps also work as the battery-powered flashlight option. This option is ideal for nightime walks when the lights from a headlamp are better than the handheld flashlights. Headlamps are available in a wide range of sizes to fit your needs. These include three main types of headlamps: regular-sized lamps, plus-sized lamps, and mini-sized lamps. All of these types can help you navigate a wide variety of different situations.


When it comes to emergency lights, the brightest ones are usually handheld flashlights. Headlamps have much lower output and are used more in the woods. Some lanterns are bright enough to be able to make your house look bright in the distance.

It's also important to take note of how long your light can last. A portable flashlight can last as little as 3 or 4 hours, while a high-powered flashlight might be able to last up to 10 hours or more. If you are able to do so, it's better to bring a smaller flashlight than a large flashlight to use in an emergency. Many larger flashlights need a recharge before they can be used..

Charging modes

Flashlights and lanterns come in different charging modes. One-handed-slide-swivel-lock is the most common and practical charging option. Other modes include:

The batteries inside the flashlight or lanterns will require recharging. Look for a flashlight or lantern that has built-in recharging. This can be done either by a USB port or the torch can be connected to a car battery.

Like most accessories, the brightness of the light is rated by ‘luminance’, which is measured in lumens. A brightness rating is based on the total number of lumens of the flashlight or lantern.

Battery life

When it comes to emergency lights, battery life is definitely important. Any emergency lights you buy should be capable of lasting for several hours and up to a couple of days, and that’s very important if your emergency lasts for more than a day. LED lights tend to be the best, because they provide a decent amount of light, but they're still expensive and only last a couple of hours before you need to recharge them. If you use LEDs on a daily basis, make sure you pick a flashlight that has a good battery life so you don’t end up wasting it on something that doesn’t require it. If you're going to be using a flashlight regularly, consider purchasing a rechargeable model.

Most emergency lights are designed to be seen at night, but they can also be used in bright sunlight.

Size Variation

A headlamp may be too large for you. There are many size options for headlamps, but the largest you'll find are usually reflector models. If you're shopping for a headlamp that will be for outdoor use, then you’ll want to think about size.

The life span of the battery is the main issue you need to consider. Sticks will provide you with long-lasting power, but battery life will only last a few hours, while lanterns and headlamps will have more life expectancy.

Many emergency lights are tiny and can be folded up into your pocket. If you’re on the run and you need to find somewhere to hide or to find a fire, these lights can come in handy.

How to choose the best Emergency Lights for your specific needs

Determining the correct emergency light for you is easier than you think. When you've got all the relevant information, the next step is to determine the emergency light’s features. It's also a good idea to determine the price of each one, as this will help you compare the options more easily.

Let’s begin by looking at the characteristics that define a flashlight. Since emergency lights are used for lighting up dark areas, and not much else, it’s best to go with a light that’s compact. Look for one that is able to fit in your pocket, and weighs less than 10 ounces.

When you decide to purchase a flashlight, the last thing you want is to invest in a lantern, but leave your flashlights at home.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that emergency lights have to be in use all the time. You have to replace batteries when they run low. A good emergency light should be able to last you at least a month on one battery. You can even purchase good quality LED bulbs if you want to have long lasting lights that are bright and bright.

FAQs: Emergency Lights

Is strobe light illegal?

Anyone can legally purchase a car strobe light for their own vehicle. Each state has different laws regarding the use of strobe lights on your vehicle. Most states have laws prohibiting the use of strobe lights on public roads. They may, however, be used on private property.

Can civilians have emergency lights?

Emergency lights, such as warning lights, hiding lights, dash lights, and hideaway lights, are legally available to the general public. You do not have to be a law enforcement officer, firefighter, or first responder to purchase any of these lighting products.

Can I have amber strobe lights?

Vehicles operating in hazardous conditions may have flashing yellow or amber lights. They should be used only when the vehicle is in danger.

Are yellow strobe lights legal?

Privately owned security vehicles may be equipped with amber flashing warning lamps visible from the sides, front, and rear. These lights should be used only when responding to an emergency call involving a threat to property or life.

What states are light bars illegal?

Kansas State Laws Regarding Light Bars All lights must be aimed so that the high-intensity beam does not extend further than 75 feet from the vehicle. Driving with LED light bars is illegal in Kentucky. Driving with LED light bars is illegal in Louisiana. 47 more rows

What do green lights on a cop car mean?

The emergency lights serve a variety of important functions for first-responder vehicles. They are there to communicate the critical nature of the situation to oncoming traffic, allowing the responding vehicle to pass.

What do purple flashing lights mean?

Ambulances and fire engines in a funeral procession often have alternating flashing lights (either red/white or blue/white).... Purple lights have traditionally been used to denote a funeral procession or hearse. However, as previously stated, this is not a universal indicator and other colors may be used instead.

What emergency vehicle has yellow lights?

Yellow or amber lights are used by roadside breakdown vehicles, security patrol cars, tow trucks, and road construction/repair vehicles.

What do flashing orange lights mean?

Green indicates that it is safe to cross. If you are unable to stop safely, continue crossing. Cross with caution and obey all signs that flash orange (if lights are out or not working properly). Do not cross the red line.

What color lights do police vehicles flash?

Almost all police vehicles use a red/blue light combination on every vehicle in their fleet. White is the most common optional color for police cruisers. Except for fog or wigwags, white is rarely the only color used on light bars or other emergency lights.

Can cops put lights on their personal cars?

Many states make it illegal for law enforcement officers to install red and blue lights on their vehicles unless they have the proper authorization. Officers can make an appeal to their organization if they believe they have compelling reasons to add police lights to the vehicles they own.

Are green lights illegal?

The use of blue, red, or green lights is strictly prohibited. Your license plate lights must be white at all times. While they are illegal on highways and public roads, green, blue, and red aftermarket lights, as well as underglow, are legal in other places.

Are lights in your grill illegal?

Hides are not technically illegal. If they're white, they'll probably ignore you. Yellow headlights, which are illegal, can result in a fine. Tickets in any color other than white are available. Hides are technically illegal. If they're white, they'll probably leave you alone.

What is the difference between a speedlight and strobe?

Strobe lights emit more light, recycle faster, and include a modeling light to assist you in learning. Speedlights, on the other hand, are more portable and versatile, and can achieve nearly the same results.

What is the difference between a Monolight and a strobe?

Although the terminology is similar, it is not the same. The term "strobe" most commonly refers to a monolight. The term "flash" can, however, only refer to a speedlight in general. A flash or strobe light emits a brief burst of light rather than a continuous one.

Is the Godox SK400II battery powered?

Recycling time for full power flashes with or without modeling lights on the B. H. Godox SK400II. Some with the modeling lights turned all the way up. The flash is powered by the Paul C. Buff Vagabond Mini Lithium Battery.

Who can use green strobe lights?

Red and blue are the most popular colors for emergency flashers. There are four additional choices for vehicle strobe lights. Flashing green lights are frequently used by volunteer firefighters to request the right of way.

Is it illegal to have flashing amber lights on your car?

Vehicles equipped with amber flashing or rotating lights are not permitted to exceed 25 mph unless used during daylight hours.

Are LED bars illegal?

In a nutshell, the answer to this question is no. Because of their brightness, driving in the street while an LED light bar is on is illegal. In many states, leaving them on is illegal. An LED light cover should be installed while the vehicle is being driven on the highway.

Are spotlights illegal?

Law enforcement, breakdown service, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles are required by law to have these lights installed. These lights can be directed in a variety of ways and are used to illuminate accident scenes. The general public, according to Arrive Safe, may not be able to install spotlights on any vehicle.

Can I use a light bar as fog lights?

The JW Speaker 9049 lightbar produces a wider fog light beam pattern than other off-road light bars. The Model 9049 light bar will not blind other drivers when mounted on a Model 9049 3-module light bar.

What does 126 mean for cops?

Canada Intercept Suspects 127 is a code description. Continue with Caution #128. No sirens, no flashing lights. 129.Request 29 more rows.

What does it mean when a cop flashes their headlights at you?

The Police Light The police use LED strobe lights to warn others of their presence and to alert them to speeding. These lights can be used to warn others of potential hazards, such as a broken car or a vehicle parked on the side of the road.

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