We all know the big names in the auto industry. Most of them have existed for decades and have proved their worth to consumers worldwide. But for every Ford, Chevrolet, and BMW, there’s a Lucid Motors, Byton, and Faraday Future nipping at their titanic heels. 

Let’s take a look at 3 of the most underrated car companies you should watch in 2019. 

Lucid Motors 

Lucid Motors has had a tumultuous existence. Founded in 2007 and based in California, this luxury car company is heavily backed by Chinese investment firms. Their flagship model Lucid Air missed its production deadline in 2018, but they managed to secure a whopping $1 Billion worth of funding from Saudi Arabia the very same year. 

We may get a look at what the company is working on as soon as this summer, as reports have indicated that Lucid may have plans to unveil an electric SUV based on the Lucid Air platform. Featuring full autonomous driving, the car is set for production in 2020. 


Some people consider Byton to be a poor man’s Lucid Motors. But that’s a bit unfair. The two companies both have similar looking cars and are both backed by Chinese investors. But whereas Lucid Motors deal in luxury vehicles, Byton looks to cater to a more conservative market. 

Last year, Byton unveiled its all-electric SUV, which it claims to be “the most advanced EV in the market as of 2019.” Whether that’s true remains to be seen, as the SUV won’t be in production until at least 2020. But there are other positives, such as the $45,000 price tag and the 300-mile range. 

Faraday Future 

Faraday Future may be the wildcard of this list. The California-based automaker is serious in its ambition. But the company has been dealing with issues with its Chinese investors, who once promised $2 billion in funding for almost half of the company. It has also survived a round of job cuts in late 2018. 

Faraday Future is still optimistic. After all, it still does have its $1 billion North Las Vegas factory. And its flagship model, the FF 91, is still the closest you can get to the Batmobile. Driving it would be great. As long as Faraday Future can deliver on its promises. 

Will these 3 companies get off the ground or implode before take-off? We’re all going to have to watch closely this year as they try to produce the best cars we’ve never seen before.