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The Top Aftermarket Ford Lights for Serious Pickup Truck Owners

As the owner of a pickup truck, you'll want to be sure you're picking out the best of the best accessories for your car. The accessories you choose could easily make or break your trucking experience. If you're seriously invested in bringing out your truck's best potential, you'll want to be sure you're choosing the best accessory for your specific vehicle. You may not suspect that this may be best accomplished by purchasing aftermarket parts for your truck. When looking for the best aftermarket Ford lights, look no further than the lights mentioned below.

1. Ford F150 (15-17): XB LED

When searching for Ford 150 aftermarket lights, the XB LED may be your best option. Morimoto's F150 LED lights are so well-built, they'll likely last as long as you need them to - possibly even longer! These are quite probably, hands down, the most well-made, quality LED lights you can find aftermarket for your F150. Installation, wiring, and usage are made easy with the XB LED, and the performance can't be beaten.

2. Ford Super Duty (2017+): XB LED

Another Morimoto aftermarket LED, you can't go wrong when you outfit your Super Duty with these single LED powered lights. Like other Morimoto lights, these are UV-coated, polycarbonate lenses, meaning they're less likely to wear down over the years than different views. Lightweight and robust, these lights are durable without being a pain to install. Even better, they retain the look of original Super Duty headlights, meaning they'll be indistinguishable as aftermarket lights. Customize, reseal, and then do it all again quickly with the XB LED lights for the Ford Super Duty.

3. Ford F150 (13-14) Factory HID Replacement Lights

For those older F150 models, an F150 specific conversion harness from Morimoto will make these lights indistinguishable from other OEM Ford lights. There is no reason more former F150 models have to suffer through the usage of halogen headlights. Equipped with D35 lightbulbs from Morimoto, Osram, and Philips options are also available for more hardcore OEM enthusiasts. Regardless of the OEM bulb you choose for this model, you're sure to notice a step up from halogen lighting.

4. 2004-2008 Ford F150 Projector Headlight Upgrade

Nothing makes quite the same statement as this full projector headlight upgrade. For the lighting power, you're genuinely looking for; you can't go wrong by choosing this retrofitted package tailored explicitly to the 2004-2008 F150. Ensure your lights are fitted to your truck perfectly, and providing you with the lighting you deserve. The geometry of their lighting pattern is designed specifically with the 2004-2008 F150 and night traffic in mind, and will truly make a difference in your trucking experience.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the model Ford, you're looking to retrofit; you'll want to be sure to pick out the best Ford lights for your truck. You'll want to be sure the lights you choose have been designed with your exact truck model in mind, providing the best lighting.