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12V Car Adapter

Wagan EL9903 - 5 amp AC to DC Power Adapter, 5A Power Converter, Converts 110V AC to 12V DC, Car...
  • Powers Car Appliances And Accessories At Home, Office Or Hotel
  • Allows High-power 12v Dc Items To Operate On 110v Ac Power
  • Easy Plug-in Use. Operating Relative Humidity: 5-90%
  • Allows high power 12V DC items to operate on 110v AC power.

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The Benefits of a 12V Car Adapter

The safe 12V car adapter defined here is used to regulate a 12V car battery voltage, accessible from the in-car cigarette lighter power port, to below normal 2.6 Amperes for usage with many portable electronic gadgets and traveling chargers on longer car trips. With the use of an approved 12V cigarette lighter power port, one can easily regulate the 12V battery of a portable electronic device or cell phone to the desired level of charge to ensure safe use. A 12V carport is available at most auto parts dealers. It can also be easily bought through online stores.

An adapter is a device that changes the physical configuration of an electrical device from the source. It is typically a circuit board with a USB interface and power cable that allows you to use a car cigarette lighter to charge an electronic device. The 12V cigarette lighter power port is usually found as a separate component of a vehicle's electrical system. It gives the final 12V power connection to the device. 

12V adapters are useful to many consumers. There are various advantages to the use of a car adapter. The most obvious is the protection of an automobile. Most automobiles have 12V outlets already installed. Most cars have only one outlet.

Cigarette lighters have cords that can damage or even break the paint job of a car. In addition, there is the potential for smoke to escape into the vehicle. Automobile owners and drivers often do not consider the possible dangers of exposing their automobiles to cigarette smoke. One may never realize how much damage can result over time from continuous exposure to smoke. It is important to avoid exposing your automobile to any source of the smoke. A car cigarette lighter is a simple and effective way to do so.

The car adapter also provides the option of charging other items besides electronics. Most devices require a power source. Car adapters can provide the required power to many accessories such as cell phones, portable DVD players, and personal computers. These types of accessories will all work when powered by a 12V adapter. The adapter can safely convert the power source to 12V so that the accessory can continue to operate when plugged into a 12V outlet.

For those who drive several different types of automobiles, the ability to use an adapter can add convenience. It eliminates the need for multiple cables. Rather than being tethered to a cigarette lighter or some other form of power source, the automobile adapter can provide the necessary power needed to operate all electronic devices in an efficient manner. In addition, it eliminates the need to carry additional cables around the vehicle.

The majority of automobile aftermarket accessories are designed to work with a 12V adapter. Therefore, it is not necessary to carry separate cables or power cords in order to charge various items. This means the driver will spend less time searching for outlets and more time enjoying the benefits of the new accessory.

The installation process is easy. Most aftermarket car accessories come with detailed, step-by-step directions that include detailed diagrams. The convenience of the 12V adapter makes it a smart investment for anyone who has an automobile that requires the use of a car adapter.

It is also a safe alternative to using cigarette lighter plugs as power sources for car accessories. A major study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that an estimated toll of nine lives was avoided each year due to improper plug usage. This study showed that drivers who used cigarette lighters as power sources were more likely to experience a fatal accident than drivers who used any other device to charge their vehicles. An alternative to the risk associated with cigarette use as a power source is represented by an automobile adapter.

Although most automobile aftermarket accessories allow the use of 12V cars adapters, some manufacturers require that users select certified devices to work with 12V power sources. Manufacturers that do not offer an adapter that is certified may offer an adapter that is capable of using 12V power sources in conjunction with cigarette lighter plugs. However, it is important to make sure the adapter will work with the type of care the individual is using.

Car adapters can make driving a vehicle much more convenient and safety conscious. When selecting a car adapter, it is important to ensure that the device is compatible with the specific make and model of the car. Additionally, it is always best to shop online and not in the traditional brick-and-mortar environment. This allows consumers to read detailed specifications and to determine the exact price associated with the product they are interested in.