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12V Cooler For Car

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Buyer's Guide: 12V Cooler For Car

Choosing The Best 12V Cooler For Your Car 

12V coolers for a car can provide you with a safe, clean way to cool off in the summer and heat up in the winter. If you've never seen one before, they are small coolers that fit in your trunk. These coolers provide you with a quick and easy way to stay cool without having to rely on the windows or heater.

A small one-quart cooler will comfortably cool off five to eight gallons of water. The small size of these coolers makes them a great choice for smaller water bottles or jugs. You can place them anywhere in your car that you have a removable water bottle holder. Because they are designed to fit in the easiest places, such as the dash, their convenience is an added bonus when driving long distances.

Because 12V coolers for the car come in different capacities, they also come in different colors. While red and blue coolers can provide you with the best temperature control, there are a variety of other cool colors that you may want to consider. If you live in areas where it gets cold in the winter, you may wish to consider purchasing a white or black cooler to provide you with the ultimate temperature control. White and black are especially nice if you often travel in your vehicle.

There are two major benefits associated with owning a 12V cooler. These benefits include providing you with ultimate temperature control and keeping beverages hot or cold. These coolers work great in the summertime for sports fans and in the winter for those who just want a little extra warmth. In both seasons, you will find that they help keep beverages cool by up to 40 degrees. In addition, because they only use one quart, they are very affordable compared to larger models. Most 12V coolers for cars that you purchase will cost around $50.

A mini-fridge is one of the most popular 12V coolers for cars that is available on the market today. The plug-and-play electric car cooler includes both a thermostat and compressor. When the engine starts, the compressor pulls hot gas from the battery and then heats the compressed air that is stored in the compressor. Once the car has started, the thermostat kicks in, and the compressor warms up the cooled air.

It is extremely easy to maintain this type of electric cooler because all that is needed to be done is to change out the battery or plug the battery into an outlet. Most coolers will last approximately twenty-five to thirty years when used regularly.

A good way to keep food items cool during the summer months is to purchase an electric ice cooler. You will be able to keep foods and beverages at their ideal temperature because your refrigerator or freezer will not be overloaded with the number of items that need cooling. These types of appliance units are capable of cooling down food items to 60 degrees or less. Water and other liquids will remain at their proper temperature due to the refrigeration coils inside the unit.