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16 Inch All Terrain Tires

BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A All-Terrain Radial Tire - P265/70R16 111T
  • Durability and stable handling on the road.
  • Great highway performance plus off-road traction
  • ETEC resists centrifugal force to maintain a consistent footprint
  • Dual-compound tread and optimized tread contact patch

Buyer's Guide: 16 Inch All Terrain Tires

Tips For Selecting the Best 16 Inch All Terrain Tires

If you are looking to purchase 16-inch all-terrain tires for your vehicle, then you will want to know which all-terrain tires on the market offer the best traction on a variety of surfaces. The best way to find out this information is to read all the reviews available online and offline. Most consumer review websites have a simple search feature that will allow you to specify the type of vehicle you drive and then find the reviews for 16-inch all-terrain tires for that particular vehicle.

The most popular type of 16-inch all-terrain tire available today is the deep tread. These all-terrain tires are great when driving in all kinds of weather conditions. You can get these in the conventional as well as the hydrostatic style. The conventional style is just the regular version that you can get on any automobile without a lot of trouble. The hydrostatic style is completely different. It can only be used on vehicles that have a hydraulic system as the sole transmission.

The benefits of using these tires include better traction. You won't have difficulty in getting the vehicle up a hill. All-terrain tires also provide you with improved safety as it helps you deal with all types of obstacles on a wet or slippery surface. The weight-saving feature of the tires is another contributing factor to their popularity.

When you are purchasing all-terrain tires for your vehicle, always consider the tread depth. The more the tread, the better off you would be. The higher the tire's lift, the better it will perform in a mud and snow environment. All-terrain tires with deeper treads will work best in such environments. The importance of this is that it will provide you with better traction and grip on the road. The deep treads help you eliminate the problems associated with slipping and sliding.

Another consideration that you have to make when purchasing these tires is the size. The ideal set of all-terrain tires should contain between two and four tires. When fitting the tires to your vehicle, you have to be sure that they are fitted correctly. This is possible if you get professional help from an auto mechanic who has experience in installing all-terrain tires.

When you are getting the tires, it is also very important that you choose the right ones for your vehicle. You should select those with similar sizes so that the handling of your vehicle will improve. This will make your driving experience safer and more comfortable. The wheels and tires have to be fitting to ensure that there is enough clearance for the installation of the new tires. You also have to make sure that you do not have negative effects on your vehicle's suspension system.

When selecting the right tire size for your vehicle, you should always consider the terrain that you use most. And this is where the 16-inch tires come in. The larger the diameter of the tire you select, the more grip it gives you. However, the larger the diameter of the tire, the more expensive it becomes as well. When selecting the right size, it is advisable to get advice from a professional mechanic who will know which size would be the best one for your vehicle.

The wheel that you select plays an important role in your vehicle's traction. The softest of the tires will wear faster and may also cause problems with your steering. There are certain companies that will offer tires with specific compounds. Getting advice from an expert will help you find out the best compound for your car.