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578 Led Bulb

Yorkim Super Bright 578 Festoon LED Bulb White 41mm 42mm LED Bulb Canbus Error Free 16-SMD 4014...
  • 【ULTRA BRIGHT】 – Yorkim 211-2 212-2 LED Bulbs White pack of 4, each bulb uses 16SMD...
  • 【FITMENT】 – Yorkim 42mm Festoon Led Bulbs replacing 211-2, 212-2, 2112, 2122, 214-2,...
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】 - 578 led bulb, 6500K White Light, 400 Lumens, 12V AC, 180MA, 2.1W...
  • 【ENERGY EFFICIENT】 – Yorkim LED 578 Bulb Interior Lights are made with aluminum body...

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The Benefits Of 578 LED Bulbs

Led Bulbs can be used in a huge range of applications, including navigation lights, hazard lights, indicator lights, and turn signals. They are available at all auto parts dealers and directly from online distributors. Replacing your existing lighting system is an excellent investment for your future safety needs. The benefits of Led Bulbs include:

Reduced Collision Damage - The low energy consumption of Led Bulbs makes them a cost-effective choice when replacing existing lighting systems. LED bulbs to have longer-lasting light per watt than incandescent bulbs, enabling them to last up to twice as long. This longer-lasting light per watt reduces the risk of damaging the eyes by triggering off a fire. The long-lasting light per watt feature of the Led bulbs means there is no need to replace the bulbs every year, which saves time and money over the life of the bulb. The longer LED technology provides longer service life.

Accent Lighting - The lower heat sink/cooler temperature of the 578 Led Bulb requires less cooling, which improves performance during operation. Also, the halogen lamps used in this product are more suited for accent lighting because they have high intensity. The five-bulb system produces more than three hundred lumens of brightness and is suitable for any application where a high level of ambient lighting is required. The high intensity of the light produced by the five-bulb system ensures that there is no flicker.

Eco-Friendliness - The new bulb uses only twenty-seven percent of the energy it does for other conventional incandescent bulbs, which helps the environment to a large extent. 578 LED bulbs are twenty-seven percent more efficient, which enables them to contribute positively towards the Global Warming Alarm. It also ensures that the life of the bulb is extended and that users require far less replacement than other systems. The eco-friendly attributes of the 578 Led Bulb technology provide the users with a long-lasting light per watt rating, as well as the ability to recycle eighty percent of the energy used in the process of producing the light.

Versatility - This type of bulb is available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. One can easily switch from a compact style to a larger one according to the requirement. They are available in round, square, rectangular, and even tube shapes. Another advantage of the 578 Led Bulbs is that you can use them in all kinds of applications. The high-intensity light produced by them makes them ideal for spotlighting and task lighting in offices and homes. However, they work equally well for accent lighting, ceiling panels, wall sconces, picture frames, and any kind of general lighting application.

Compact Design - One of the main reasons why 578 LED lights are gaining popularity at a sky-rocketing rate is their compact size. Compared to the traditional halogen lights, which are large, bulky, and protruding, the LED lights are the best suited for any given purpose. The slim and sleek design makes them very attractive as well. The average size of the 578 Led Bulb system is just forty-eight millimeters in diameter. That is about the same size as the size of a quarter. Hence, the users do not have to worry about the cumbersome size of the bulb when they are opting for these lights for their outdoor illumination requirements.

High Brightness - The  578 LED bulbs have about fifty thousand hours of life which makes them a popular choice for high-intensity output illumination needs. They can work up to an hour after the power shuts down. The ultra-bright LED technology provides bright light all through the day. This makes it easy to use the lights even when the sun is out for long periods of time.

Long-Lasting - The compact size and long-lasting feature make it easy for users to replace or add to the bulbs as and when the need arises. Furthermore, the LED technology provides long-lasting service. It can work for more than one hundred years under normal conditions. No other incandescent bulbs can provide such long-lasting service for such a long time.