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Acura Tl Headlights

TYC 20-6617-01 Acura TL Passenger Side Headlight Assembly
  • OEM Replacement
  • Partslink: AC2519109
  • OEM# 33101-SEP-A02
  • Uses original mounting provisions, no drilling needed to install

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Acura TL Headlights: What You Need To Know

Your Acura TL Headlights are factory fitted with Acura LED Technology & are possibly the brightest OEM headlights on the market. Choose Your Vehicle wisely: 2004 and later models have sidelight units. Install Acura TL Headlights: Don't just go to your local car part store and buy a set of bulb-less Acura TL Headlights. You have to take your vehicle to the authorized service center of your vehicle manufacturer. They will have the latest specifications for your model and be able to install them correctly.

Most vehicle owners like to install Acura TL headlights that include a pair of high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs as well as projector headlights in the headlight grouping. But, it is actually illegal to do this since the high-intensity discharge bulbs can cause severe injuries or even death. The headlight projector bulbs, which are also called the Xenon Bulbs, produce far less energy than the high-discharge bulbs. HID and Xenon headlights have been on the market for several years. In fact, many police forces and crash rescue vehicles around the world still use Acura TL headlights.

Acura has made its way into the heart of the American labor force. Many car manufacturing plants throughout the United States use Acura parts. If you're a worker who likes the Acura brand, you can have a custom look put onto your vehicle anytime by installing Acura's headlights. High beam and low beam headlight systems are available for all Acura vehicles. There are also daytime running lamps available for all Acura TL vehicles.

Xenon and High beams allow Acura to produce clear, bright, and crisp visibility. The use of these two headlight types allows the driver to have more control over the direction in which the Acura travels. The high beam, or daytime running light, is located behind the driver's front seat. The Xenon headlight is located on the driver's side.

The headlights on your Acura TL do not necessarily have to be the OEM ones. You can replace or upgrade your Acura's headlights so that you have a clear, bright, and comfortable driving experience every time you hit the road. You can purchase Acura projector headlights, aftermarket Acura headlights, and even clear Acura headlights. You can have a clear light with the help of Acura Projector headlights. For a better view at night, you can choose Acura Xenon headlights.

You can purchase your Acura TL headlights at auto parts retailers such as Acura or parts of the Car accessory aisle at major retailers such as Walmart, Target, or Best Buy. You can also shop for your Acura headlights online through sites such as automotive websites and auto part stores. You can often find the latest models of Acura headlights at discount prices. Many people prefer to shop for their Acura headlights online since it gives them the chance to compare prices, make purchases from the comfort of their own home, and get the best deal possible without having to physically visit the store.

Acura has designed the Acura TL headlight to be compatible with aftermarket handlebar mounts, headlights, tail lamps, and most any aftermarket headlamp. You can also save money by purchasing your Acura TL headlight directly from the manufacturer. Some retailers offer you a replacement bulb free with your purchase. For more information, you can always visit the Acura website and read the Acura TL Owner's Manual.

Acura makes the best automobiles, and their performance isn't compromised just because you want a better design or brighter headlights. Acura has literally taken your vehicle and given you better headlights so that you can be safe on the road.