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Adventure Motorcycle Tires

Shinko Dual Sport 705 Series Rear Tire (150/70R17 Tubeless)
  • Versatile tread pattern provides excellent wet and dry weather adhesion and smooth running...
  • Rubber compound resists tearing during off road use
  • DOT approved, 4 ply rated
  • All sizes designed for front or rear fitment unless noted
  • The use of the tire and other vehicle data and information accessible through this webpage...

Buyer's Guide: Adventure Motorcycle Tires

What You Must Know Before Buying Adventure Motorcycle Tires

An adventure motorcycle tires buying guide is a great idea to purchase a new set of tires for your motorcycle. It can also save you time and frustration when shopping for new tires. Such a guide provides you with tips on what to look for in each type of tire, what the various manufacturers are selling, and how much they cost. There are even a few suggestions on where you can buy these tires at the best prices. If you need a little help deciding which one will be right for you, this guide may be just what you need.

In this guide, you will learn about four types of tires you may find. All four of them have their own special uses, so it's important that you understand them. You will also get some tips on the brand names and the most popular models of adventure motorcycletires on the market. Once you understand how tires work and why they need to be chosen, you will know what questions to ask when shopping for them.

To begin, there are two types of tires - radial and tread. Radials have a steel inner tube that allow it to run over curbs and embankments without getting clogged. They can be used on almost any terrain, although there are some considerations for off road riding. If you plan on riding in sand, you will need something different from the tread models.

Treadmill tires are the least expensive. They are made for heavy use, and you will need to replace them every couple of thousand miles or so. They offer the best traction in all types of weather, although they wear out very quickly. You can keep them on your bike as long as you keep the bike up to date. However, if you ride on dirt bikes or other terrain where pavement is present, you will need to keep them in good condition by changing them often.

Before you choose your adventure motorcycle tires buying guide, you need to decide what type you will be using. This is because different types of treads work better in different conditions. Sand used to be the favorite, but now most people are choosing to go with something with a little grip. You will also need to decide if you want a soft or a hard compound, and how firm you would like the tire.

Once you know what type you are looking for, you need to think about the size of the tire. The tire size will affect both how quickly you can stop and how far you can go. There are different sizes for different purposes. For instance, you will probably not need a super-light tire for sand riding. You should be able to tell by looking at the size of the tire whether it is meant for street use or off road riding. Once you have found the perfect size of adventure motorcycle tire for your needs, you will need to look at quality.

You will probably have a budget in mind before you begin looking around. Don't let your budget get you into trouble. There are tires available that cost as little as $200. That is not bad by adventure motorcycle tires standards. However, there are plenty of good tires for dirt bikes that cost much more than those used for the pavement.

So, it pays to read the details of the tires before you buy them. Find a good set of tires for your bike and be safe. If you ride frequently then you should check the details of the Adventure Motorcycle Tires Buying Guide every year to see if new ones are available that are better for your needs. It won't take long for you to find the perfect adventure motorcycle tires for your riding needs.