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Armored Motorcycle Jacket

Xelement CF5050 Men's 'Morph' Black and Grey Tri-Tex Armored Jacket with Removable Sleeves - X-Large
  • Made of 100% Tri-Tex Fabric 600 Denier High Performance Breathable Waterproof Laminated...
  • Removable Zippered Arm Sleeves To Convert To Shirt Style Jacket
  • All Over Non-Removable Padding For Extra Protection
  • Removable CE Approved X-Armor on The Shoulders and Elbows

Buyer's Guide: Armored Motorcycle Jacket

Tips to Choosing Motorcycle Jackets

If you enjoy the great outdoors and ride motorcycles then you would be well advised to look into buying an armored motorbike jacket. There is a lot of reason why you should buy one if you ride a motorcycle. Being safe and secure are just the basics that give you all the enjoyment of riding and in many ways, you get that from motorbike jackets too. What can one do about this?

Firstly, an armored motorcycle jacket will protect you from all kinds of flying debris and harmful particles of weather. It can help to protect your arms, hands and legs. If you ride a bike without protection then you have to take precautions and wear protective gear so as not to be thrown away when you fall off. An armored motorcycle jacket does that by fitting snugly over the torso so that any jostling or shaking in the wind will not tear your coat apart.

On top of all this you will get extra comfort from the armor and padding. A lot of these coats come with a fleece lining and lined sleeves and have both zippered vents and inside padding. The inside padding has been designed to wick away moisture which helps to keep you dry during a long journey. This is important because you don't want a wet and warm coat that will lead to discomfort and illness. When buying an armor jacket there are some features that you should look for because these features will make a real difference when you are riding.

Ventilation is very important when you are riding on the road. You need to be able to breathe so that you do not become overheated and dizzy. Ventilation on the back is more difficult but you can make up for this by getting an attached forehead protector that will stop any wind from hitting your face while you are riding. Most of these riders also have a riding vest that comes with padding. This makes for a complete protective gear package for your motorcycle.

The other important feature of this kind of jacket is the mesh lining. The mesh lining is a breathable mesh that will help to trap air between your skin and the leather. This will reduce sweating and keeps you nice and cool while riding in warm conditions. The mesh also helps your skin from feeling itchy and uncomfortable while riding.

These jackets are made with an impact-absorbing inner layer that absorbs shock for better handling. Jackets that have the mesh liner but without the back protector are just as good as the ones with the back protector. So if you want a complete gear set that includes the armor worn, the helmet, gloves, boots and back protector all for one motorcycle jacket then these jackets are for you.

There are five major pockets on the inside of this style of a motorcycle jacket. Two of these pockets are lined with mesh which will allow you to carry both your cell phone and pepper spray in them. You can also purchase a zippered pocket that can be used to stow smaller items like keys or lip balm. These two pockets are lined with a comfortable material that is removable so you can wash them if you wish.

The other two major sections of these jackets include a liner that goes over the entire length of the jacket and has several pockets on each side that offer protection to your upper body. Most of the jackets liners include a pre-sewn flap that will allow you to easily adjust the jacket for an even fit at home. Jackets that do not include this liner have a loosely fitted or ill fitting one that will not provide much crash protection. Jackets that do have the liner included will usually have either no pockets or extremely small pockets that will do nothing for you in terms of crash protection. You should always select a jacket that has padding in the elbows and shoulders area. A jacket with padding in these areas will protect you from a possible collision, even if it is only by a very slight amount.