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Autel Scan Tools

2021 Newest Autel Scanner MaxiCOM MK808TS, Combination of Autel MK808BT and TS608, OE-Level TPMS...
  • 【OE-Level System Diagnoses】Autel scanner MK808TS offers OE-level diagnoses for all...
  • 【28+ Service Functions】Autel MK808TS enjoys 28+ service functions on 98% vehicles,...
  • 【Complete TPMS Services】 Same as Autel TS608, MK808TS activate, relearn all known OEM...
  • 【TPMS Sensor Programming】TPMS tool MK808TS offers 4 ways to program Autel sensors,...

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Autel Scan Tools bring to the table everything that OBD2 scanners can't. They also connect to many different vehicles and have proved very effective. However, choosing one can be a little difficult because of such a wide variety. Here is a run down of the different types and features of Autel Scan Tools.

One of the first types is the Medusa Scanner. This comes with four channels and is the Scan Tools for Mercedes Benz. The channels are - Code Reader, Speed Reader, Drive Codes, and Performance Data. All the features of these scanners are fully functional with the exception of the channel data. This is a little costly but is definitely worth having.

The Autel Code Readers is some of the best on the market. The brand has been around since 1983 and is recognized as an innovator in the field of electronics. This brand comes with five channels and each channel has its own diagnostic tool. This makes it very easy to choose the right diagnostic tool for your car. However, it also has a reputation for being quite slow in reading errors.

The brand is also known for its incredible drive codes capability. It can read speeds from as low as -zero to over three hundred thousand samples per second. This makes it an excellent choice for a car diagnostic tool but the major shortcoming is the inability to reset the code reader. The premium range of Autel Scan Tools has several different models including the Maxisys MS906 and Alcon Star Tracer.

The Maxisys is one of the earliest Autel scanners on the market. It has several different models including the MPSS and MS906. It can work at various speeds but the main problem is that it tends to be slow when it comes to reading error codes. Some people feel that it operates too slowly but this could simply be because it has not been designed to work at higher speeds. For this reason, the MS906 is often considered the better option for most buyers.

Another quality Autel Scan Tool is the Alcon Code Reader. The Alcon Star Tracer is the most advanced scanner available. It is capable of scanning the engine of cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and more. The scanner can work in conjunction with the O2 sensor and has basic functions including reading o2 sensors and dtc codes.

To scan for newer vehicle manufacturers, it is best to use the Autel Code Reader Plus scanner. It works with the newer O2 sensor and works much faster than the Alcon scanner. This makes the Plus model the best scanner for vehicle compatibility purposes.

For consumers that want to find the most complete detailed information about any given situation, the Autel Code Reader Plus is highly recommended. It offers many basic functions and the ability to scan for a specific make, model, year, price range, and other data. It is a very comprehensive piece of equipment that is great for anyone that needs to troubleshoot for new or older vehicle models.

For those who need to check the price for a used or refurbished product, the Amazon Simple Scans Tool is the top choice for drivers. It is simple to use, quick to scan and comes with many features. The Amazon Simple Scans Tool can search for a certain make, model, mileage, and other data. It also offers a function to scan for Amazon gift cards and coupons.

With the major brands like Honda, Ford, and Chevrolet releasing new vehicles all the time, codes are constantly changing and updating for every vehicle that is released. A number of scanner companies have created products that are compatible with many of these major brand cars and trucks. The most complete and current list of compatible codes can be found at the U.S. Auto Repair site.

The Autel Code Reader is one of the best-known scanner tools on the market. It works extremely well with any major brand or model. Many of the functions include multiple scan functions, auto-increment function, LCD backlight, auto shut off and auto reboot. The best thing about the Autel Code Reader is it includes additional functions that will allow you to reset specific areas of your tool window. This feature is great if you reset a control to an unused function.

The OBDII scanner is compatible with most of the major vehicles that are manufactured today. Most of the vehicles will come with the OBDII diagnostic tool preloaded when you purchase the vehicle. The OBDII diagnostic tool is a great tool to check price ranges in vehicles with multiple options. Most of the vehicles that are manufactured in the 1990's will need this OBDII diagnostic tool.