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Dunlop D402 For Harley-Davidson Whitewall Rear Motorcycle Tires - MT90B-16 45006807
  • This Dunlop D402 rear tire for touring motorcycles is the approved Harley-Davidson tire
  • The Dunlop D402 rear tire provides touring models with a more stable ride by using a...
  • All Dunlop D402 touring motorcycle tires have special Harley-Davidson branding on the...
  • Engineered and tested with Harley-Davidson to provide maximum performance
  • Offset center groove improves confidence over wet patches

Buyer's Guide: Bike Tires

Bike Tires Buying Guide

Have you ever noticed that there are lots of folks who prefer to have Michelson Powerports as their bike tires and this is mainly because of its distinct characteristics that include durability, low rolling resistance, superb braking and excellent handling. Another pro is that it is available in a wide range of treads so that you can choose one that suits your riding style. It has good suspension systems, great shock absorption and it has anti-scratch coating on all its surfaces. These are the main reasons why lots of pro riders prefer to have this tire for their bikes.

However, these qualities also mean that they have to pay more when buying these tires. You can also find other brands that offer high quality tires with low rolling resistance, but they are more costly than these. You should take note that tires play an important role in your cycling performance. They are very important to have and you cannot do well without them.

You should know that these are two different categories. There is the rigid tire which is basically made from a very durable and resilient material like aluminum. It is capable of providing good grip on loose surfaces and it has excellent braking system. The other category is the semi-rigid which is made from softer material like polyurethane. This is very light in weight and it does not provide very strong grip on rougher surfaces. On the contrary, the most durable component of these bike tires is the aluminum frame that provides great stability and good control while riding.

Another thing to consider when buying these tires is that it should provide good traction on all types of surfaces. Most road bikes have smooth surfaces so that they perform well. However, there are some road bikes that have rough or non Smooth surfaces so these tires perform less effectively. It should provide excellent grip on these non Smooth surfaces so that you can ride smoothly.

Your choice of bike tires will depend on the type of riding that you do. You need to check the bike pedals and the wheel for any signs of wear and if any of the components are bent or damaged then replace the same immediately. In case your bike has a rear wheel that is much more than 26 inches then it will be better to get a set of rear tires that are wider. These are able to absorb impacts to the same extent that the front tires do.

There are plenty of advantages associated with these types of tires. They perform better than the front ones and are far more durable. They last for a longer time. They are also easy to handle and last for longer period of time. However, there are some disadvantages as well when it comes to these tires. For example they tend to wear out very fast even when worn out the treads on the same don't have the same tread depth and width.

The best hybrid bike tires are usually designed for smooth surfaces like roads. Smooth roads provide good traction. When choosing these tires you will have to make a comparison of their tread pattern, size and speed rating. They should ideally be used on smooth roads where the speed is not too high and the treads are not worn down. If you ride on rough surfaces or rough roads then choose other types of tires that are designed for these surfaces.

Apart from selecting the right size, type of tread as well as style of tire; you should also pay attention to the material that the tires are made of. For example if you use a hard plastic bead in your hybrid bike tire then the beads will get damaged if they are hit by sharp objects. In case you use a soft rubber bead the chances of the beads being damaged are slim as they are soft.