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Brake Pads For Trucks

Power Stop Z36-1399 Front Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Pads
  • Z36 Truck & Tow Carbon-Fiber Ceramic brake pads offer extreme braking performance that is...
  • Low dust brake pads designed to maximize stopping power and keep those wheels clean
  • The brake pads feature premium stainless steel shims provide better heat dissipation¬†&...
  • Z36 Truck & Tow brake pads are made with powder coated backing plate, which extends life...

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Brake Pads For Trucks: New vs. Aftermarket Brakes

Whatever the reason might be for your need for new brake pads, you ought to know that you are able to get them for just about any truck. However, what is brake pads? Well, the answer is simple: they're simply pads designed to keep brakes and other moving parts of a vehicle working properly.

Brake pads are actually very crucial parts of a braking system. They act as one of the ways that an automobile can stop abruptly, and they do this by using pressure on the brake pedals and rotors. Whenever there is a problem with these parts, the results can be quite startling, as it can mean pulling the car off the road or, worse, running into a fence or other obstacle. Thankfully, though, pads can usually be replaced fairly inexpensively.

Why might you need new brake pads for trucks? In order to understand why it's important to first understand how brake pads actually work. Essentially, they act as a sort of noise and vibration absorbing barrier between the wheels and the road. This is important, as we all know that tires are designed to give us as much friction with the ground as possible. Without this layer of cushioning, the tires would wear more quickly and drag on the road in a manner that would cause problems for the driver when stopping.

There are two types of brake pads: metallic and semi-metallic. Metallic brakes have what's called "cast aluminum" inlays within the rubber, which creates a friction-reducing layer between the tire and the road. This means that the more in contact with the ground (due to a slow stop, or skidding, etc.), the less drag the braking system will feel. Cast aluminum also means that the braking system wears much less slowly. However, both of these properties are undesirable in lower-speed driving, where the change in traction can make driving much more difficult.

Semi-metallic pads have what is called "mono-filament" inlay rubber. This allows the pad itself to have a cooling effect on the rotors, which dissipates heat and wears much more quickly than metal. These pads also tend to have very little slippage since the rubber has very little flexibility and stretch.

But what of the pros and cons of buying aftermarket pads for a truck? Well, first off, there are some drawbacks to using aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts don't match manufacturer specifications very closely, which means that the performance of your truck will vary from one make and model to another. Also, the performance of aftermarket parts can change based on how you drive and use your truck.

The biggest problem with using aftermarket brake pads is that they might not compatible with your vehicle's original brake pad. When your vehicle was designed to use factory standard rubber and pads, all of the manufacturers have standardized brake pads that work with each and every make and model. Unfortunately, this means that if you happen to switch vehicles or even take them off your vehicle, the brake pads will no longer be able to work with your new vehicle. Also, keep in mind that these products are very easy to install on your own. While you may not have much experience doing this type of thing, some shops can install these products for you quite reasonably.