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Car Alarm Systems

Avital 3100LX Security System (W/O Siren)
  • Keyless entry and AUX functions
  • Fault-proof starter interrupt - Keep your car where you parked it with this layer of...
  • Warn-Away (low-volume, brief warning signal for questionable threats)

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Car Alarm Systems are very important in keeping our cars and other valuable properties safe from vandalism, theft, and drivers who either neglect to abide by the law, or just don't pay attention. Alarm Systems can be installed on your own for home use or in your car to keep you and those around you safe from harm. Alarms can be wired to a security system in your home or to your car to alert you of an intrusion.

A car alarm system is basically an electronic device placed in a car, usually in an effort to deter thieves of the car itself, its content, or both. Car alarms function by emitting high-frequency sound waves when the proper conditions for initiating it are met. The sound waves are picked up by the sensors located on the door jambs, and the brain of the Alarm System determines the trigger point and emits the sound waves. The amount of the triggered stimulus determines the strength of the signal emitted by the Alarm System. While car alarm systems were originally developed for security purposes, they are now used as a decorative accessory to increase the "wow" factor of a car.

Alarm Systems work best when the car's owner includes a siren or similar loud sound when the break-in or thief has been detected. Some manufacturers have included inside lights to go along with their Alarm System. The reason for this is so that the owner and others in the vicinity can see the lights and activate the Alarm System. The lights will usually turn on inside the car, just like an actual Alarm System, once the trigger point is reached. These lights usually stay on until the power to the Alarm System is cut by a breaker, usually, a short circuit, which cuts the power and disconnects the sensors inside the car alarm systems.

The horns on vehicle horns are another popular feature that car alarm systems include. Horns function more or less the same way as a siren does, but the sound produced will be louder and more annoying for the thieves. Most thieves are used to the constant sound of a siren and will not bother with car alarms or horns that make loud noises. The exception might be someone who is going to steal the vehicle or is still inside and not insight. This is where a horn works best because it keeps the thieves busy long enough for the owner to getaway.

Alarm Systems come in various forms and are made to be both attractive and functional. Many of the newer models have daytime running lights and brake lights. They may also have indicator lights for lights and warning lights in the vehicle itself. These are designed to alert the driver of a problem in the vehicle. The most important function of the Alarm System, however, is to detect intruders or theft and trigger the siren and other features, such as lights and brake lights, so that the vehicle can be driven away from the scene.

Car Alarm Systems are programmed through remote control. This remote control comes along with the kit and is programmed through a memory chip. The chip contains basic instructions that instruct the receiver on what to do when a certain trigger occurs. Some transmitters are voice-activated and other transmitters are not. Voice-activated units are programmed through the use of batteries. The batteries are recharged every time the car is used, so they will not need to be replaced each time the transmitter is disarmed.

In addition to the basic functions of car alarms, they come with some advanced features as well. Some advanced alarm systems offer the ability to turn off lights, music, TV, and Internet through the same transmitter. Some advanced car alarms systems also have the ability to disarm automatically after a specified amount of time has passed. This feature can come in extremely handy if the thief knows exactly how long it will take the owner to disarm the system.

Another feature in some aftermarket car alarm systems is a system that allows the vehicle's windows to be locked while the system is in effect. This feature offers excellent protection against forced entry into the vehicle. However, windows that are left open can increase the chances of someone noticing the security system installed in the vehicle. The remote control can also be used to lock or unlock the trunk of the vehicle. This feature is especially convenient for people who have keys for the doors of their vehicles and want to be able to open them while the car security system is in effect.