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Car Bluetooth Adapters

Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Car Kit (Hands-Free Adapter for Cars with 3.5mm Aux Input, Apt-X)
  • Hands-Free car kit designed for answering and receiving calls with any Bluetooth...
  • Seamlessly stream music from any Bluetooth (A2DP) capable device; supports aptX for CD...
  • Requires 3.5mm audio input in the car stereo. Built-in microphone and easy to use music...
  • Provides audio through your 3.5mm input in Car Stereo when playing music and answering...
  • Two-year warranty with lifetime US based customer support

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Bluetooth Car Kit will easily work with most of modern cars which have an AM/FM radio and a cigarette lighter plug attached to driver's seat. The cigarette lighter plug goes to the left-hand side of your steering wheel and is usually behind the dashboard. You could also get the kit with a thumb-operated start button which works without the need to use the remote. Most of these kits are compatible with the latest models of cars.

The quality of sound is very good and if you wish to make a call then it will not be a problem. In fact if you go for good quality bluetooth devices, then these will work extremely well. Most of the modern cars come with built-in entertainment systems with CD and DVD players, TV, and audio systems. These devices come with built-in bluetooth devices. One can use their handsets to listen to music, take pictures, videos, or even to play games on the internet. There are certain phones or mobile phones which have Bluetooth feature enabled and these will support most of these devices.

In addition, some of these hands-free kit come with built-in microphones. You could also get kits which come with a bluetooth fm transmitter along with a hands-free kit. Bluetooth technology enables you to make hands-free calls even when the hands-free kit is in the car and using the Bluetooth headset. If you wish to make a call, then you need not press the button on your phone.

Nowadays, most of the people prefer to use these devices to make calls as well as play music and videos while driving. There are many brands in the market which manufacture car bluetooth adapters. In order to make calls with your hands free, you need to attach this device to your phone or hand held handset. The main advantage is that it provides protection from car hazards such as dust, dirt, grime, etc.

On the other hand, in order to play music or videos while driving, you need to insert a bluetooth device into the aux jack of your car stereo system. Some of these devices also have a direct audio output port which can be used to connect the phone directly to the audio system without using the Bluetooth port. One more advantage of using this type of accessory is that the phone does not need a stereo to function. There are also many brands of car bluetooth adapters which can be connected to different types of music devices.

In addition, there are certain brands which have additional functionality. Such extra functionality may include video recording, hands-free calling, and music listening without using the Bluetooth port. Many of these accessories act like aux ports for mp3 players. However, the most common use for them is to act as audio output/outputs for bluetooth streaming.

Another type of car kit includes a nulaxy wireless in-car bluetooth FM transmitter. This particular model is popularly known as the Nulsia wireless FM transmitter. It has the same mounting options like all other nulsia products. As it has a bluetooth feature, it can easily work as hands-free headsets as well. As the FM transmitter has no power drain, you do not have to worry about plugging and unplugging the device every time you switch on your vehicle. With this particular car kit, you can enjoy music or videos while driving even without a bluetooth headset.

In addition, some manufacturers have added Bluetooth connectivity to their various car kits starting from the Nulsia wireless FM transmitter to the nulsia qwerty keyboard. With these various devices, you can now conveniently enjoy hands-free driving. So if you are considering buying a car kit, consider one that provides for hands-free driving functionality. This will ensure that you do not need to hold the steering wheel when you need to drive.