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Car Paint

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The world of GM service can be complex, and car paint isn't any different. Understanding all of it can help you make an even better decision, and get a quality type of paint for your car. There's an overspray finish (clear coat) that usually is put on first. This is the top coat, and protects the paint. It also makes the color last longer.

Undercoats are also available for many types of cars. They are made with acrylics, or acrylic plastic, which are mixed with oils to form a thick, wet paint. Some pros and cons exist for both types of products. The pros for using an undercoat include longer lasting paint, and the ability to block out the sun. It also resists cracking, but may not resist heat well, so a thin clear coat may be required.

Some cons include staining with the wrong product, or even damage to the paint. One disadvantage of the matte finishes is that they don't stand out against blemishes. Other pros include ease of cleaning, because there is very little need to use special equipment, and the ability to seal the protection in with a wax. The only con with the matte finishes is if you want to clean off smudges, chips, or other imperfections on your car. If you use too much cleaner, it may damage the finish.

Metallic car paint has also developed over the years, and is one of the most popular types on the market today. It's an attractive, high-gloss finish that stands up against all kinds of blemishes. There's a variety of different types of metallic polishes available today. Some pros and cons exist for each type, depending on what you prefer.

Acrylic urethane basecoat is a high quality coating that provides a high gloss shine. Acrylic car paint also has a high degree of durability, resists cracking, and is non-toxic. One disadvantage is that it must be painted with an acrylic urethane basecoat. Another disadvantage is that if the surface has any kind of imperfection, the appearance can be changed.

Some of the other options include new car paints, which are essentially a re-paint of an existing vehicle. New car paints can be made from many different types of materials, including acrylic, latex, and high-gloss water-based versions. Many consumers like the ease of applying these new car paints. However, new car paints are more expensive than traditional types.

The final option is a custom paint job. Custom car paint jobs can be applied to vehicles as a complete paint job or as individual color touch ups. If you choose to have your vehicle done as a complete touch up, you will want to make sure that you have the vehicle inspected by a professional as part of the custom paint job process. This will ensure that your vehicle will meet your expectations and provide you with years of reliable service. In many cases, these inspections are done at the paint business itself, rather than at the dealership where you purchased the vehicle.

As mentioned above, one of the pros and one of the cons of using acrylics or high-gloss is that they are not repairable. If you have small dings or scratches, these can usually be repaired easily and will not affect the performance of your vehicle. On the other hand, many consumers like the finish that comes with these because they do not require polishing after each wash. If you have significant dings or scratches, this may be a good choice, especially if you need the appearance of having car paint repaired. Some of the pros of using a finish include the ability to match the color of your trim and paint without having to match the color of the vehicle itself. There are also many consumers who find that these types of finishes work very well on vehicles that have been repaired or restored.