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Car Phone Mounts

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There are so many different car phone mounts available on the market that it can be difficult to know where to start. Which one you choose will depend largely on the model of your phone, the size of your handbag, as well as the amount of space available in your car. All these things have to be considered when buying a mount, because it's only by having one that you'll be able to use your phone whilst it's on the dashboard or in your handbag.

There are basically two types of car phone mounts available: suction cups and mounts which attach to the dashboard or windshield. If you already have an air conditioning unit, there are lots of excellent options available, but note that even then they will not usually work with round, circular suction cups. This is because these cups have poor structural integrity and will simply crush against the sides of your air conditioning unit if you try to place them on a round shaped dashboard. This is one of the reasons why most people tend to go for mounts which attach directly to the windshield or dashboard. If you're looking to buy car phone mounts then make sure you check that your new mount will also fit securely onto the vehicle's windshield.

Another type of mount which is increasingly popular with car phone users is the suction cup mount. These are generally made from rubber or plastic and are used to stick your phone up into your car's windscreen or sunroof. Suction cups don't tend to be too securely placed onto any vehicle, as the wider and thinner they are the more likely they are to break away from the vehicle's edges. This means that if you want to use a suction cup mount, be sure to place yours on a wider area on the windscreen or sunroof, or over a bigger area of the dashboard.

There are also different types of mounts available, each suited to particular vehicles. Mounts generally attach using a quick-detach mechanism which needs you to simply press a button on the side of your dash. Some come with knobs, others have different features such as anti-tip mechanisms for the sake of safety. The easiest and cheapest car phone mounts are the universal ones which simply need to be fitted to the brackets on your vehicle. These are ideal for easy installation, but can be lacking in some of the more modern features such as suction cup attachment points.

Alternatively, there is the option of wireless charging. Although this technology has been around for a long time, recent advances in wireless charging technology mean that it is now much easier to install wireless charging units in cars. The main advantage of wireless charging is the portability, allowing phones to charge without having to be docked to a wall. Car phone mounts with wireless charging are particularly popular with business travellers as they make it easier to charge mobile phones whilst away from base. In addition to this, these units are far more secure and durable than standard wired car phone mounts, preventing them from being damaged when in use and ensuring that users have a long and safe use of their devices.

Clamps and brackets are the next type of mounted mount. Whilst most clamp units are made out of a rigid metal, many of the newer clamps available are made out of lightweight aluminium. These units are designed to quickly and easily clamp onto vanes, whilst offering an adjustable tension system to ensure that they do not slip. The downside of using clamps is the fact that most are designed to offer a firm, non-flexible hold onto the windscreen. As well as this, these units often come with limited adjustment capacity, meaning that phones are not able to be used while attached to a clamp.

Soft phone mounts are another type of car mount which allow you to place your phone onto the windscreen without worrying about the unit slipping or scratching the windscreen. As the name suggests, soft mounts are very light, making it very easy to place them onto any size vanes. Unlike with hard clamps made out of steel, soft mounts usually have a flexible rubber or plastic tube which allows you to connect your unit directly onto the vanes. This means that phones will be very secure, allowing you to use the device without having to worry about damaging it. These types of mounts are also great for small cars, as they do not block the air vents, or buttons on the dash.

Magnetic mounts use two pieces of equipment: a magnetic disc and a spring-loaded clamp. To use the magnetic disc, you place it on the windscreen in a horizontal position, whilst a spring-loaded clamp on the other side tracks the magnetic disc down into the drain. Once the magnetic disc is attached to the clamp, all you need to do is place the cell inside, press the magnetic pole onto the phone and then release the button. The magnet and the spring-loaded clamp allows you to quickly and easily mount your phone onto the dashboard.