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Car Polishers

BLACK+DECKER 6-inch Random Orbit Waxer/Polisher (WP900)
  • Random-orbit action assures a uniform finish - fast for the car polisher
  • Comfortable two-handle design of the variable speed polisher reduces fatigue
  • 10 ft. cord for great mobility
  • Includes foam applicator for easily applying wax or polish
  • Includes polishing bonnets for a high-quality finish

Buyer's Guide: Car Polishers

How to Select the Best Car Polishers For Beginners

The automotive market provides hundreds of thousands of car polishers/buffers for consumers. For beginners, it may be a difficult task to select the right car polisher, especially for their vehicle. Then again, as a novice, you might feel troublesome by this broad term 'buffing'. But, it is an easy task as long as you have a basic idea or knowledge of the various types available in the market. For example, there are rotary buffing, tapered polishing, and electroplating. If you already have an idea about these different types, then it would be easier for you to select the product.

Most of the car polishers/buffers, perform the same functions but with slight variations. In order to cater to the different needs and demands of different consumers, companies have manufactured innovative products that can do almost all the mentioned functions. Based on the needs and demands of the customers, most of the manufacturers have produced buffing machines that are suitable for both new and used cars.

Amongst the varied types of car polishers / buffers are two most popular varieties namely, variable speed buffing and rotary buffing. Both these types of machines are designed to remove small scratches from the surface of the car at a constant rate irrespective of its direction. As the brushes do not move over the surface of the car, they prevent your precious car from getting scratched. For this, the manufacturers have made use of highly advanced machines. They have enhanced the function of buffing by introducing variable speed rotary polishers.

It is always advisable to go for a polisher with dual functionality. This is especially important for a first time user who may not be aware of the exact requirement of a car polisher. If you are purchasing the machine for the first time, then it is advisable to opt for a single function machine. These dual purpose machines are easy to operate and use and are suitable for the beginners.

When it comes to purchasing the best car polishers for beginners, then there are few important factors to consider. It is advisable to go for machines with a long warranty period. Apart from providing protection to your investment, long warranties offer you added peace of mind. While the warranty period can extend up to 20 years, there are machines that offer service for up to 25 years.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a car polishers for beginners is the type of pads that come fitted with the machine. These pads help prevent chips and scratches on the surface of the car. However, there are some polishes that leave scratch residue behind. This residue can attract more dirt and cause even more damage to the vehicle's finish. Therefore, make sure that the polishers you are considering do not leave any residue before you purchase them.

One of the best car polishers for beginners is the buffer machine. Buffer machines help remove unwanted wax and dirt from the finish of the vehicle. A buffer is used by spraying water and the appropriate cleaning compound onto the car's surface. After spraying the compound onto the surface, a buffer is then required to remove the debris and dirt from the surface.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a machine for polishing is the handle used to control the machine. There are different handle types available in the market. Some handle types have a clutch or a light touch feature. The clutch handle allows you to control the machine by applying pressure on the clutch handle. Light touch polishers have a clutch handle but have a light mechanism to ensure that they do not get accidentally bumped against the sides of the car during operation. Regardless of the type of polisher handles you are looking for, make sure that it fits your hands comfortably to avoid any accidental hits to your hands.