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Car Seats For 3 Year Old

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Buyer's Guide: Car Seats For 3 Year Old

How to Choose Rear Facing Or Front Facing Car Seats For a 3-Year-Old

Best travel car seats for three-year-olds are often considered a luxury by some. But in reality, they are essential accessories that can help your child enjoy the trip more. Most children will enjoy riding in an additional vehicle with their parents or grandparents during long travel trips. The best part is that you can find affordable car seats to fit any budget. Here are some top picks for toddler travel car seats:

* Tranquility - Most three and two-year-old seats come with safety features that make them safer for a longer and better travel experience. Two of the most important safety features to look for include front-seat side airbags and the car's car safety features. Front-seat side airbags will help protect your child from possible side impacts if they get thrown up from the front seat. Many parents do not count on a car safety feature is the car's anti-lock brakes system, which can keep your toddler secure and safe.

* Size Limits - When it comes to car seats for toddlers, size does matter. You will want to choose a chair that has enough room for your little one. Some car seats only have a five-foot footprint, but other designs offer seats that measure nine feet long and five feet wide. You will want to check out the size limits of the product design and the specifications of the harness system.

* Safety Features - If safety is what you are looking for, look for a product that offers safety features. For example, many small cars provide plentiful front-side airbags. In addition, most three-year-old seats come with similar front-side airbags. Look for units that have good crash test performance as well. This will help your big kid to stay as comfortable as possible when riding in the car.

* Material - Lastly, make sure that the car seats for three-year-olds conform to car safety standards. Most often, parents will try to fit their kids into car seats that are too big for them. Unfortunately, this rarely works out well as a result, often is bigger seats that are either uncomfortable or too loose. You will want to find units that are the right size for your kid, as well as one that fits right across their back. A three-year-old is not tiny by any means and will need the correct type of support all the way around.

Buying car seats for three-year-olds can be very challenging. It will help if you keep these few guidelines in mind while shopping. Remember, even though your little one may be happy with their current car seats, they will grow at different rates. The best advice that anyone can give you is to buy chairs that will grow with them. Buying car seats that fit your child will allow them to enjoy the time in the car just like everyone else.

* Height - It can be complicated to find car seats for three-year-olds that fit correctly. This is especially true if you are looking for units that can adjust to a toddler's growing height. Unfortunately, most seats will adjust on a dime, so you will need to pay special attention when looking for units with these features. If you cannot find the right height adjustment feature for your unit, you should look for units that use a five-point harness system instead.

Overall, finding rear-facing and front-facing car seats for a three-year-old should not be overly difficult. Take your time and do not rush into the purchase. It might take some time before you find the right one, but the payoff, in the long run, will be worth it. These types of seats will keep your child safe and secure.