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Car Subwoofers For Deep Bass

Pyle 6.5 Inch Mid Bass Woofer Sound Speaker System - Pro Loud Range Audio 300 Watt Peak Power w/ 4...
  • : AUTO SPEAKER SYSTEMS: Pyle GEARX series woofer is the latest series which have been...
  • LOW IMPEDANCE: The 4 ohm component audio speaker compensates the undersized wire found in...
  • MID BASS WOOFER: Pyle pro mid bass woofer sound speaker system has 30 oz magnet structure...
  • POWERFUL FEATURES: The specially treated rubber surround keeps your speakers secure and...
  • Yellow CD P.P. Cone - Magnet Weight: 30 Oz

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Car subwoofers come in a variety of sizes, colors and types and as the technology and the forms of entertainment we watch on the road develops so do the shapes and forms of these automobiles. A lot has been done to make cars look beautiful, but one item of concern for some drivers is the lack of power from some of the car subwoofers available these days. Car owners want that little bit of extra bass that just makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable.

In order to get that extra kick there is no better place to find it than inside the vehicle. This means that for that deep bass that you crave you need to place your car seat right beside your subwoofer. The best car subwoofers will not be effective if placed in the front or rear seats. That means that while shopping for the right subwoofer you need to find one that fits in with the general color scheme of your car. It is also a good idea to go with a manufacturer known for producing quality car speakers.

One of the most popular car subwoofers today is the RTS (range tweeter) line of subs. These are engineered specifically for a certain type of sound, the bass. RTS subs are much deeper and offer a tighter attack on lower frequencies. They tend to have a better mids and treble response than many other manufacturers of subwoofers, and many consider them the best of the best when it comes to sound quality.

One model that many audiophiles love is the double 12 subwoofer audio system from Mackie. Known for its precise color mixing and superior tone control, this double subwoofer set is perfect for anyone who wants to bring out every bit of the deep bass. The subwoofers are each individually controlled via an assignable Vibrant Tone control, so you can cut back on bass if you don't want it to be super strong or cut back on high frequency response if you don't want it to be super low. The dual 12 subwoofers come standard in a Standard Black Cabinet. If you want something a little more outlandish, they also come standard in a Standard White Cabinet.

Other popular brands of car audio systems often use split-drivers, which are more efficient and can often produce deeper bass. Some models of JL Audio's JXN car stereo range include a model with a built-in subwoofer. This makes them ideal for owners of cars with factory installed subwoofers. A similar model is the Alpine iLZ-W speakers, which are also made in a custom-made car speaker enclosure.

Some cars employ their own subwoofer outlets that plug into a specially designed outlet on the dash, but if you really want that authentic low-frequency sound, then it's best to have a custom made subwoofer installed. Alpine makes a number of different types of subwoofers, so it's easy to find one that will fit your car's make and model. The same company that makes JL Audio's subwoofers also makes Alpine car seat covers in a variety of colors. These car seat covers are another way to add deep bass to your car's audio system.

There are other manufacturers of custom car subwoofers, too, so don't feel like you need to stick with just one brand. For example, JL Audio makes a subwoofer called the Squier Afflex subwoofer. This subwoofer has a distinctive smooth mid-range sound quality and is extremely efficient, using RMS power, which means "regulated speed thumb" technology. (RMS stands for "root signal processor").

With all of that power and that smooth mid-range sound, there is no doubt that the Squier Afflex will get you the deepest bass hits when you crank up the volume. These subwoofers come in three colors (red, black and silver) and are among the easiest to install in your car. You just mount it above your original speakers and plug it in! When you set your volume, you simply increase the RMS power until you hear your deep bass hits. That's it! Now go listen to some rap, rock or heavy metal and check out the quality of that bass.