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Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets

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Buyer's Guide: Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets

Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets: A Buyers Guide

When it comes to motorcycle riding, wearing a cruiser helmet is vital to ensuring your safety when on the road. In an accident, you need to ensure you are wearing one of the top cruiser motorcycle helmets available, so you are safe in case of an accident. To ensure your safety, it is important you choose a motorcycle helmet that fits well. There are many ways in which a bike helmet fits, and this will determine how safe your helmet will be. The following will explain some of the factors that need to be considered when buying your new cruiser helmet.

The first factor to consider is the size of your head. Each major helmet manufacturer offers sizes ranging from one-third to one-half of an inch. If you have narrow or large ears, you may need to choose a helmet of a different size than most other riders do. When looking for a new helmet, consider the size you would wear every day. There are helmets that fit well and look great but that does not offer the comfort level you would like. You will need to experiment with your new helmet until you find one that fits comfortably.

Once you have found a comfortable helmet, there are several features to look for when comparing different helmets. Comfort should be the first factor because you will be spending a lot of time in your cruiser helmet. In a road crash, you will likely be sitting in a vulnerable position, and if your helmet does not feel comfortable, you won't wear it. The face helmet shield is another factor to consider. It should protect your entire head but provide a comfortable, restful fit so you can continue to ride.

There are two basic kinds of shields for cruiser motorcycles: plastic and fiberglass. The shell is what protects the rider from serious injury in an accident. The fiberglass shield is made of lightweight material that does not absorb impact nearly as much as the shell. Both styles provide excellent comfort and safety, but the shell is often more comfortable to wear for extended rides. For a shorter ride, consider choosing a fiberglass shell.

Some half-helmet helmets do not offer chin bar protection. If you are riding in extreme wind or weather conditions, a chin bar protector may be a worthwhile investment. In addition, many motorcycle accessories dealers offer accessories that allow users to add this protection.

Some cruiser helmets offer the option of an open-face helmet. An open-face helmet allows more than just one side of the face to see. An open-face helmet allows more than one eye to see, something that can reduce the visibility of the riders and can also increase the likelihood of hitting something.