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Diesel Motor Oil

Valvoline Premium Blue One Solution SAE 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil 1 GA
  • One Solution Technology suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty engines including diesel,...
  • “The Only One“ endorsed and recommended by Cummins
  • Outstanding oxidation resistance supports long oil life in heavy duty engines
  • Superior wear protection for hardworking heavy-duty trucks and equipment

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A: Diesel Motor Oil is what lubricates your motor to perform at its best. Think of diesel as your vehicle s lifeblood, flowing through the engine to:

Lubrication helps keep things moving and prevents them from getting stuck. This is why most cars come with an oil filter that must be cleaned and changed on a regular basis. Also most engines have an oil pan that contains additives such as t4 triple protection diesel oil. The reason for this additive is to protect against metal corrosion. Also the additives help reduce wear and help prevent friction from occurring between moving parts.

T4 triple protection diesel oils are formulated specifically for diesel engines and vehicles. Most are made with heavy-duty synthetic detergents, urethane and polyimide binder. These ingredients are specially formulated to provide superior, almost free of acid and collision protection. Other common ingredients used are zinc, graphite, oils, water, silicone, detergents, lubricants and flashlights.

Make sure your engine is not experiencing any abnormal symptoms as a result of exposure to extreme heat or cold temperatures. In order to prevent damage to the engine from changing temperature extremes, keep the engine operating within manufacturer-recommended temperatures. Not only will your engine run longer but you will avoid costly repair bills caused by damage to parts such as cylinder heads and camshafts. Never use a drain pan under low temperatures as drain pans can crack and become unstable and cause damage to your vehicle.

When it comes to the oils that contain additives to provide extra protection, most have a tendency to get heated when exposed to high temperatures. This causes the oils to evaporate. If you notice that the oil becomes hot while the car is running, immediately pull over and get the oil changed before the temperatures dip too far lower. Be careful to avoid getting the oils too hot. If you notice that the additive level has reached its maximum limit and the temperature of the liquid begins dipping too far below the manufacturer's recommended range, contact the vehicle manufacturer to have the oil replenished.

Be careful when using diesel motor oil in your vehicle. As long as you follow manufacturer recommendations and perform the necessary maintenance on your vehicle, you will receive the best performance possible out of your engine. Always place your engine on the road for a test drive prior to every major maintenance job. Test all moving parts of your vehicle with the motor completely disengaged. If you notice any wear or damage on any of the moving components, such as the bearings, pistons, or cam lobes, immediately consult the vehicle owner's manual to determine which part needs to be replaced.

If you perform any serious maintenance work on your vehicle on your own, make sure you know what you are doing. If you do not feel comfortable performing a maintenance task on your own, or if you have no one to look over your work, contact your vehicle's manufacturer or reputable auto repair service center to have them perform an inspection of your vehicle prior to having you perform a diesel motor oil change on your vehicle. The inspection will give you an idea of what type of results you can expect from a particular repair.

Shell Rtella T4 Triple Protection Conventional 15w-40 diesel engine oil continues to be one of the most popular choices of engine oils by consumers in North America. The product features Shell's pioneering Auto-Stop feature, which stops oil consumption while also protecting against drainback. The API CJ-4 lubrication protects against dripped and gushed oil and helps prevent sludge buildup around engine valves and cylinders. In addition to the performance benefits, the exclusive Auto Stop feature offers a longer-lasting life span and superior coolant protection that extends the life of your engine.