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Enduro Tires

Bridgestone Trail Wing TW301 Dual/Enduro Front Motorcycle Tire 80/100-21
  • Offers strong traction in the mix of street and dual sport conditions.
  • D.O.T. approved with exceptional highway stability.

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Enduro Tires - Are They Worth Your Money?

Enduro Tires are new to the industry. They were originally designed to substitute with used tires on enduro bicycles but were difficult to locate. Now they have hit the mass market in a big way.

Now that the new tires have hit the consumer market it is important to understand the meaning of some terms. The group test is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing new tires. Basically the group test refers to a test of how each tire performs in different weather conditions. When this test is done a number of points are assigned to each tire. The more points that are assigned the better the tire will perform. Some of the most commonly awarded points are referred to as manufacturer points.

Tubeless Tires are tubeless and provide the best in rolling resistance. A tubeless tire gives you the highest level of handling, speed and braking while being the safest at the same time. The rubber is very smooth and does not pick up marks like other tires. It also usually performs well under braking stress.

The difference between a radial and a round rim has a lot to do with the way the tire performs. Round rims give better steering control but are harder to get a good grip on. Radials are more comfortable to handle and allow for better steering control. Usually the round rim is preferred over the Radial rim for all terrain types.

Other important terms are tested and found on the sidewall lip of each tire. These terms include floatation, puncture resistance and of course the tested and found comfort level. Some manufacturers require that the consumer order a trial size so they can make changes to the tire prior to riding them on public roads. There are many available sizes in many different tire lines and the right choice depends on what you need and what you can afford.

All Enduro tires have a steel reinforced casing which is called the felix stix. This steel reinforced casing allows the tire to resist punctures and to perform like it did the first day of testing. The steel reinforcement also adds another layer of hardness which makes the tire wear faster and last longer. The performance of these tires is improved by using a better rubber compound, which the manufactures call the Procture technology.

All tires are manufactured with an anti pinch flat base. Most trails have a few minor hills that make your tires work harder. When these small rocks hit the rim at high speeds the metal strip on the tire separates from the rubber. The higher speeds and impact the rim takes, the more times the metal strip wears away.

You will notice the Enduro Tires are heavier than most of the other brands because they use the felix stix technology. The heavier sidewalls make up for the additional weight. These tubeless tires have a higher rolling resistance which makes them great for off road situations. There are mud guards that come with the tires to protect your rims and the tubeless tires. This rugged yet comfortable tire is the one that made the trek to the trail run for an afternoon of outdoor fun.

Enduro's older models were available in four tire sizes, but now they also offer a dedicated racing tire called the Enduro XLR. This tire is constructed with a softer rubber compound that has more traction than the standard four tire model. This makes the Cross Country series of tires an excellent choice for mountain bikers and for use on multi-bike trail rides. The tire is also designed specifically to handle the extra speed the sport brings to the table, so it can be an excellent choice for weekend warriors that want to try their hand at competitive riding.

The tires work well for off road adventures because of the added traction on the backside. There is no soft spot left on the front tire to absorb the shock of a sharp edge. This means you get a smooth ride every time you wheel your bike over a bump. The Cross Country series of tires has a knobby texture that is designed to trap oil and dirt while sliding off of the trail. Enduro claims this design will allow the tire to last longer without the wear and tear associated with soft knobby tires.

The company has created its own version of a mud tire that is called the Enduro Mud Grip. The tires are designed to grip the trail in the mud, but they don't have nearly as much traction as the other models do. These tires are not recommended for mountain bikes or street bikes. The group test even gave the thumbs down to these tires, however, the manufacturers do have a replacement for the mudgrind tires that can be purchased separately. The group test also gave the thumbs up to the durability of the tires, even when riders took them on a treacherous hill to find out how long they'd stand up to the punishment.