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Exhaust Cleaners

Cataclean 120007 Complete Engine, Fuel and Exhaust System Cleaner, 473 Milliliter
  • Using Cataclean can lower your total hydrocarbon emissions by up to 50 percent
  • Reduces carbon build-up in catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, fuel injectors and...
  • Improves overall vehicle performance-including driveability issues such as power...
  • Safe for gasoline, diesel, hybrid and flex-fuel vehicles; does not alter fuel

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Your vehicle's exhaust system is essentially a filtration system to remove contaminants and other combustible gases that cause toxic smoke to billow out into the atmosphere. When you install a catalytic converter, you may be able to control the number of toxic gases that are vented outside of your car. Unfortunately, many vehicles come equipped with factory exhaust cleaners that do a poor job of cleaning the exhaust systems. As a result, they actually trap more toxic gases in the exhaust system than they clean. In addition, some factory hoods are poorly designed and not tightly sealed, allowing corrosive acids to drain away from the exhaust system. This allows harmful emissions from the exhaust system to mix in with poisonous fumes from fuel, creating toxic air particles.

Your best bet for keeping toxic emissions from mixing in with your exhaust system is to purchase stainless steel kitchen hood vents. These hoods have no sealing surfaces, so they act as an exhaust cleaner in and of themselves. They will effectively purify the air around your vehicle while at the same time reducing the chances of corrosive acids draining away from the exhaust system.

Stainless steel cleaners also offer another benefit that makes them superior to other types of exhaust system cleaners. Oven cleaning chemicals can create extremely hot temperatures while degreasing chemicals can be extremely cold temperatures. While a stainless steel cleaner will likely achieve the temperature it desires, it is also less likely to damage your oven or your stainless steel kitchen hood vents. You will also have much less chance of experiencing burns or discoloration from chemical reactions.

Other popular options for kitchen exhaust fans include marine-grade stainless steel fans and commercial-grade beach hood cleaning units. These products are often very similar to each other, but have different needs. For instance, a marine fan has extra cooling and ventilation features. It will likely perform better in extreme environments and is generally designed to run quietly. A beach fan on the other hand is more suited to a certain type of cuisine.

For example, restaurant owners may prefer stainless steel kitchen exhaust fans over beach hoods or ventilation systems simply because they are loud enough to avoid annoying dinner guests. Restaurant owners may also choose to use stainless steel exhaust fans over other types of exhaust systems simply because they are more affordable. Stainless steel kitchen exhaust systems may cost significantly less than other options but they are less efficient. This means that you will probably have to replace your exhaust system sooner.

Fire safety is perhaps the biggest reason why homeowners should invest in stainless steel exhaust hoods and fire safety equipment. Fire is a very serious and potentially dangerous situation. The first thing you want to do before any fire starts is get your kitchen exhaust cleaned. If you neglect this step then the fire will likely destroy everything in your home. In addition, if you use gas appliances in your kitchen it is critical that your kitchen exhaust system is cleaned often. This way no poisonous fumes escape and no one gets burned.

Another common reason why homeowners hire a professional fire safety equipment company is to ensure that the proper exhaust system is installed. A good clean kitchen exhaust system will ensure that harmful carbon monoxide gases are not vented into your home. Carbon monoxide is highly toxic and is very dangerous to breathe. Proper exhaust cleaning service from professionals ensures that you get rid of dangerous toxins before they damage your health and the health of your family.

You should definitely consider hiring a fire safety equipment company for your commercial kitchens if you use gas appliances. In fact, installing hoods is essential in commercial kitchens where gas fumes can be a problem. It is also vital that you ensure that your industrial hoods are kept clean at all times. A professional cleaning company should be able to take care of this task for you.