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High Mileage Oil

Royal Purple 11748 HMX SAE 5W-30 High Mileage Synthetic Motor Oil - 5 Qt.
  • Minimizes wear and restores lost engine performance
  • Increased protection against LSPI
  • Fortified with Zinc/Phosphorus anti-wear additive
  • Extended drain intervals

Read More About High Mileage Oil

What is high mileage oil? You may have heard of it before, or maybe you are just hearing about it now. If you need some information on what it is and how to use it, read on! High mileage oil works similar to a vitamin, restoring worn-out engine parts and preventing more wear and tear on your car. When you start noticing symptoms like gumbo, slinging gas, and even trouble starting, it is time to head to a professional for help.

The reason you need high mileage oil, or motor oil for that matter, is because it was meant to. It is a product that was made to last longer so that you don't have to keep changing your oil all the time. In fact, when you go to drive your vehicle, most likely the first thing you do is check the oil. If you don't have it changed as soon as possible, you could be putting yourself in danger.

Many people aren't aware that most of our cars suffer from wear and tear at some point. This wear and tear include the engine seals and the oil filter. Most cars have a tendency to leak some of this oil. There are two ways to stop leaks like this-one is by buying new motor oil or refilling your existing tank with regular oil. Another way is with high mileage oil, which uses special additives to stop the leaks.

Special additives in high mileage oils will prevent the sludge in engines. Sludge is known as tar and it is bad for engines. Tar clogs up the airflow and causes the engines to run rough. Regular synthetic oils are already treated with sludge prevention additives, so these oils won't cause any more problems for your engines. If you don't want to change the engine completely, then using regular oils is a great option.

There are also some things that cause wear and tear in older age vehicles. These include old age, rough driving, poor maintenance of the vehicle, and many other things. The best way to prevent this wear and tear is to make sure you buy new-age vehicles that are well maintained. Also, keeping the engine clean and free of sludge can help prevent further wear and tear in your vehicle.

One thing you should know about high mileage engine oil is that it is going to cost you. It will also cost you more if you have an older model. The reason is that the old age of the vehicle requires more stringent manufacturing processes to make sure you don't run into any issues. These more stringent processes can add quite a bit of cost to your new oil change.

Another issue that can come up with these types of oils is poor maintenance. This is because as the age of the engine they can start to run rough. As well, other small components on the engine may begin to wear down. As well, over time the transmission may suffer damage and lose pressure. All of these issues are rare, but they can still happen with high mileage oil which can cause some serious engine wear.

On top of this, you should know that changing out oil can be expensive. You will have to pay more money for the new product as well as pay the labor costs involved. You will also have to pay for your gas so you will be adding on an extra expense. For these reasons, many people don't like to change out their old age or high mileage oil for new age or conventional type oil. Instead, they tend to save money and go with cheaper products that aren't as effective. This can end up costing you more money than you realize in the long run.

Why You Need High Mileage Motor Oil

Motor oils have a life expectancy of about two years. Meaning, if you purchase an "out of the box" motor oil today, it may not last very long. It is important to know which type of oils best suits your vehicle. It's also important to know what types of oils should be used on your engine, so it stays in top working order. Read on to learn more!

Most importantly, high mileage fluids come with special synthetic sealants. Synthetic sealing compounds are designed to make your engine last longer. The synthetic sealants in high mileage motor oil will, in fact, react chemically to your old rubber seals inside the engine, and then they replace everything else over time. Full synthetic oils cannot fully restore your car's seals to their pre-accident state. However, they will make the seals themselves more flexible and make them less likely to crack or break. Additionally, synthetic oils do not contain the hydrocarbons that natural oils contain. Therefore, they do not add to the pollutants being spewed into the air.

Furthermore, synthetic high mileage motor oil does not wear down the moving parts as traditional oils do. Because they perform exactly like their oil base counterparts, synthetic parts resist cracking, chipping, and wearing against harsh weather conditions. This will save you money over the life of your car as the seals will keep the moving parts like the cam lobes, rockers, and hoses from suffering damage from extreme temperature shifts.

However, synthetic high mileage motor oils contain certain ingredients that cause damage to sensitive engines. For instance, polyethylene is commonly added to synthetic oils because it improves the lubricity of the engine. However, because polyethylene breaks down in engine wear and damage, it also causes the pistons to wear out faster. This shortens the amount of time the engine can run, which makes it more susceptible to breakdowns. Also, because polyethylene wears down so easily, engine wear will eventually deteriorate further, causing engine repair to be more expensive.

Synthetic oils contain an ingredient called sodium sarcosinate. This ingredient is used to produce high viscosity. High viscosity will attract a solvent such as water, making it harder for the oil to remain effective. In addition, the high mileage motor oil change process actually damages the sensitive seals. As a result, they are not able to properly move the oils from the crankcase to the bearings. This allows moisture to build up in the bearings, causing them to crack and wear out more quickly.

To prevent your vehicle from breaking down for extended periods of time, you should make sure that it receives an annual oil change. Although this sounds like a simple task, many drivers neglect to perform this important chore. They typically forget about it until their car has actually gone out of commission. Even if you have performed your oil change on time, there are still numerous reasons why you should consider performing an oil change before the vehicle runs out of fuel. For one thing, there are two different types of oils - synthetic and conventional - and each type has different life expectancies.

One of the best types of oil that you can buy for your vehicle is Castrol High Mileage Motor Oil. The reason why you need this product for your diesel vehicle is that synthetic lubrication deteriorates much faster than conventional oil. Furthermore, synthetic oil contains additives that help to keep the engine from breaking down, thus extending the usable life of your engine. Therefore, every time your engine runs dry out, you should add in some high mileage motor oil to ensure that your vehicle performs at its optimal level for as long as possible.

In addition, since synthetic lubrication requires much less maintenance to keep going, you can save a lot of money by avoiding having to pay mechanics to fix your car. Synthetic lubrication doesn't cause any harm to your engine, so it is not something that you need to be concerned about. Also, since high mileage motor oil is much more resistant to corrosion than standard motor oil, it will last longer and perform at its highest levels for a longer period of time. All in all, you will definitely be happier with your purchase of High Mileage Motor Oil when you know that your engine is going to run for a longer period of time, making it much easier to get that all-important work done on time!