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Hybrid Bike Tires

Maxxis Overdrive Hybrid Bike Tire (Wire Beaded 70a, 700x38)
  • Grooved slick design - front or rear
  • Kevlar belt
  • Reflective stripe
  • City/touring tire

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Which Hybrid Bike Tires Are Right for You?

Hybrid bike tires are a vital component in your cycling gear. In order to maximize your safety and efficiency on the road, it is essential to have the right tires for your bike. There are many types of tires to choose from, so doing some research is very important. Hybrid bikes offer many advantages over traditional road bikes that are used for commuting on the road. They are also known as low-riders, because they can handle trails and rough terrain better than other road bikes that have treads designed for use on the street.

Most hybrid bike tires use a tread that measures approximately seven millimeters deep, with a steel rim on a steel frame. The tire tread of a seven millimeter deep tire is measured at where the inner edge or outer edge of the tread meet the rim. Road tires need more air pressure than any other type of tire on the bike. This extra air pressure pushes the rubber further into the road, and allows them to work best on uneven or sloping ground.

To find the best hybrid bike tires for your particular riding needs, you should determine what type of surface you normally ride. If you normally ride on road surfaces that measure a width less than nine hundred millimeters, then you will need a narrower rim and tire, with a spacing that is two percent wider than each tread. For roads that measure less than eight hundred millimeters, you will need to get a more aggressive tire with a three percent wider spacing. These are the minimum requirements for street tires. Your personal circumstances, such as your weight and riding style, will help you determine the best hybrid bike tire for you.

When measuring for your hybrid bike tires, you will need to measure the center of gravity, or the distance from the tire's center line to the ground. The higher the center of gravity, the easier it is for the bike to roll over the ground. This means that lighter bikes with lower centers of gravity perform better on some types of road surfaces. Conversely, a heavier bike with a high center of gravity will tend to perform better on smoother road surfaces. If you are concerned about getting too close to the ground while riding, then opt for wider tires with shorter spacing. In this case, you'll benefit from having a bit more rolling resistance.

Another factor to consider when choosing the best hybrid bike tires is your level of fitness. Determine how much physical activity you get each day and make sure that you choose the right air pressure. A higher air pressure ensures that the rubber stays attached to the tire even when you are pedaling harder. When you are out riding with friends, don't hesitate to take the air pressure gauge and jot down the readings.

Next, choose between off-road traction and mud traction. There are pros and cons to each and using both requires a different set of hybrid bike tires. Mud is great because it offers excellent off-road traction features. However, the lack of mudflap means there isn't a lot of traction on the road. In mud, the larger diameter tires work best.

The final consideration is the type of surface you will be riding on most. Wide and medium-depth kerbstones are ideal in dirt. However, if you live in a hilly area, then wide tires with deep grooves will give you better grip. Medium-depth kerbstones are good for cross-country riding and smooth pavement. Finally, the last category is the terrain where you will be doing the most riding, which is sand. On sand, you want to find yourself a set of hybrid bikes with wide, deep grooves to protect your frame.

Once you have chosen the style of tire you want, you can focus more on the tread pattern. A set of wider, deeper, and wider tire treads will provide you with the best grip. Remember that the width of a tire only refers to the width of the middle of its edge, not the width of its tread. A narrower tire will have a wider tread, but will also allow you more side grip. For off-road use, you will generally want a narrower tire with deep grooves for maximum traction and life.