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Hybrid Tires

SUNLITE Hybrid V-Track Tires, K161, 27" x 1-3/8, Black/Gum
  • 1 tire
  • 27" x 1-3/8"
  • Black tread, Gum wall
  • hybrid
  • ISO diameter = 630mm

Buyer's Guide: Hybrid Tires

Tips To Buy Wire Bead Hybrid Tires

Hybrid tires were first introduced in the U.S. market around 1996 when manufacturers began to realize the benefits that they could provide for both drivers and consumers. Unlike mountain bike tires specifically designed for rough terrain, hybrid tires come with a smooth, flat surface in the middle of the tire to offer excellent off-road traction. The majority of hybrids come with knobby piers that provide extra traction on slanted or grade roads. Consumers have responded well to this type of tire due to their ease of use and improved ride.

Drivers of all types of vehicles desire a ride that feels comfortable, but also performs flawlessly on every pass. Mountain bikers are quite vocal in demanding that manufacturers produce a superior road tire with perfect control. Hybrid tires meet this demand by providing a challenging course to surpass. Drivers can now choose between smooth performance or tougher, more resilient options when looking for the perfect control. Hybrid tires are not necessarily meant for rugged off-roading, but those drivers who need the better grip on steep grades and off-piste trails will appreciate the change.

Hybrid tires were developed primarily for use on smooth, level surfaces, but some types have been modified for use on uneven surfaces as well. Because of this adaptability, hybrid tires have begun to enter into the racing realm. By taking the characteristics of these tires and making them run on different terrain types, racers have more options when choosing the perfect tire for each race track.

Some of the most popular areas where hybrid tires have been tested are on dirt tracks and mountain trails. Because these surfaces often have sharp edges and protrusions in the soil, dirt bikes and mountain bikes perform far differently when fitted with these types of tires. Runners who are looking for the perfect grip on dirt tracks and mountain trails will be delighted by the agility and responsiveness offered by these types of tires. Asphalt and paved surfaces present another variety for bikers to consider when choosing a tire for use on these surfaces.

Although mountain bike frames are typically wider than other types of bicycle frames, some manufacturers have begun to market wide cross country and street ready mountain bikes. Hybrid cross country tires have become a favorite of many bikers because they provide the same agility and responsiveness on the road as they do on the mountain trail. The wider spacing found in hybrid tires allows for the tires to mold themselves to a trail's contours and bumps. Wider tires offer bikers a better handling experience on dirt and paved surfaces.

Another benefit to these wider tires is the ability to cover a greater distance between holes when riding off road. Many bikers prefer to perform their best off roading on smoother roads with small, gentle curves. They find that it is difficult to ride wide tires on more steep and winding sections of road, but with wider spacing in the treads of the hybrid tires, this is easier to do.

Some users also prefer the flexibility of hybrid tires. Some bike models may not have the ability to switch between a street tire and a mountain or road tire when changing bikes. By purchasing these bike types in combination tires, the biker can switch over easier to different bike types by simply switching over to a tire that offers the best grip on the road.

Wire bead hybrid tires were created by NASA to allow astronauts to have the best possible grip while riding in space. NASA has managed to perfect the production of these tires to the point that many bikers find that they are more responsive and have a better grip than any other type of bike tire available. Wire bead hybrid tires are also very durable, which makes them the ideal choice for mountain bike riding. They are made using the same production process that most motorcycle tires are made with, which allows for the best quality and fit. The best tires will give you the best performance.