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Klein Wire Strippers

Klein Tools 11046 Wire Stripper/Cutter 16-26 AWG Stranded , Red
  • Compact, lightweight wire-stripping and cutting tool
  • Narrow nose fits into tight places
  • Hardened steel with precision ground stripping holes
  • Do not use for cutting steel wire or bolts

Buyer's Guide: Klein Wire Strippers

Klein tools use the patented Nomenclature to describe the performance characteristics of their products. The stripper heads on all their wire stripping tools are referred to by this brand name. They use a patented process called self-adjusting sizing that ensures the tool sharpens and sizes fit for every application.

The latest in Klein tools is the Klein stripper blade. It incorporates a proprietary blade technology to bring precision to the stripping action. The cutting blades are precision-screw-proof and the stripping holes are nitrogen-filled and hard-drive-powered for long life. Another unique characteristic is the unusually thick, knurled jaw which enables the user to turn up to six wires at once without fear of twisting.

All Klein strippers have a two-sided grip that allows the wire to be gripped more easily and with more leverage. The two-sided grip on the stripping drill is adjustable so that it adjusts to the diameter of the tubing or thinner wire. The teeth on the stripping hole are diamond-carbide giving superb cutting force and accuracy. The teeth are also designed to counter-rotate so that they always face in the same direction as the wire.

The Klein stripper has a tool body that is made from high-quality, cast aluminum. It has an ergonomic handle and a safety latch that keeps the tool secure during use. The nickel-plated finish is tough and durable, and the tool includes an accessory, the magnetic strip wire stripper. This accessory allows the user to place the stripper on nonmetallic surfaces and work with flexible wire that contains copper, nickel, or zinc.

The Klein stripping tool includes six interchangeable scraper pads. These scraper pads can be used to strip different wire gauges: 0.08 inches, 0.5 inches, quarter-inch, half-inch, and full-inch. The tool also includes six different wire gauges, which are used for different stripping techniques:

The tool includes two-hole and three-hole strippers. The two-hole stripper is intended to strip flat, round, and rectangular wires. To strip wires of the flat variety, the tool features a flat surface and the appropriate polishing method. For the round wires, it uses a three-hole stripper. And for the rectangular wires, features a tri Hole stripper. This is a versatile stripper that produces the finest results.

As compared to other stripping machines, the Klein stripper has an adjustable glide. This feature enables the user to set the glide depending on the wire gauge that needs to be stripped. And it has built-in wire feeders that allow the user to feed the strip through each hole simultaneously. Additionally, it can accommodate different sized and varying shaped strips. It has a feed tray that supports the storage of the strip so that it does not bend during the process.

There are many advantages associated with using Klein stripping machines. Among these advantages include ease in use, quick stripping, flexibility, non-contact and safe working environment, easy maintenance, and non-barking action. Klein brand is known for quality wire strippers. They are designed and manufactured by skilled engineers and technicians to ensure that they meet or exceed the highest standards of performance and design. This is the reason why Klein is considered the best brand in the market when it comes to stripping wires.

If you want to purchase a wire stripping tool, there are many places from where you can get one. The internet offers a lot of websites that sell them. If you are looking for the best in quality and affordable prices, then online stores are the best place to shop. Some websites even provide free shipping and delivery. It is important that you choose the right site to purchase from. Also, check their customer service support to know more about the products before purchasing them.

There are many types of wire strippers to choose from according to your needs and purposes. These include Flat top, round nose, triangle nose, spring, straight, and contact stripping. The Klein Wire Strippers are versatile and can perform various tasks. All you need to do is to know what kind of wire you need to Strip and how much you are willing to spend for the purchase.

If you are looking for high-quality and precision tools to Strip, solder, or interconnect electrical wires and cables, the Klein Plastic Wireless Stripping Machine is what you need. It has a built-in wire trimmer for precise wire cuts and an auto safety shut-off to ensure maximum safety. This wireless 8-32 inch power stripper works best with smaller diameter wires, but it can also work well with larger ones. For maximum performance, this power stripper must be used with a voltage stabilizer and a high resistant bus wire.