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Magnetic Gps Trackers

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Magnetic GPS trackers have changed the way everyone thinks about fleet tracking. Years ago, tracking systems meant a bulky, ugly system that was difficult to work with, costly, and basically useless. Today's modern GPS trackers are sleek, compact, highly accurate, extremely portable, highly customizable, and highly affordable! In fact, using a discreet or hidden GPS tracker for personal assets and vehicles has become so easy, efficient, and affordable that, no matter what you require to track, there's a perfect size, shape, and power-linking battery life for your individual needs.

In recent years, advancements in the technology used in vehicle tracking devices have dramatically increased. Whereas the first magnetic GPS trackers worked by reading a magnetic field to determine the location of a vehicle, newer generation GPS devices use onboard rechargeable lithium batteries to provide full-power tracking of your vehicle. With these powerful onboard batteries, simple magnetic GPS trackers can power themselves on for up to five hours of continuous tracking. This gives you super-fast, real-time updates on the whereabouts of your vehicle, helping you save precious time when traveling and avoiding unnecessary hassles. Furthermore, since these powerful tracking devices run on onboard rechargeable lithium batteries, they require no monthly maintenance or replacement, making them completely maintenance-free!

Another important advancement in the technology used in most magnetic GPS trackers is their ability to communicate with other devices, like a smartphone or a laptop. These portable communication devices allow you to communicate with the tracking device, which also communicates with the recipient device. With this type of communication, the two devices can share information like the time your vehicle is last seen, how long it took to reach its destination, and the direction it's traveling. This allows for better accuracy and much more detailed tracking than older tracking devices could provide.

Some manufacturers of portable GPS trackers have introduced a new technology known as "covert GPS." Covert GPS operates just like a standard GPS in that it keeps track of the exact location of your car, but it does so without having to tell anyone where it is. Instead, it silently reveals its location to nearby vehicles (including other magnetic GPS trackers) using a low-frequency signal. This technology allows multiple vehicles to see your car's location simultaneously, increasing the chance that one of them will pick it up and send back information. For example, if you're driving through town and happen to notice some sort of erratic vehicle following you, your portable GPS trackers will pick up the signal and transmit precise coordinates to your car's GPS system so that you can easily identify and map out the quickest way to your next destination.

Another important feature of all the best portable GPS trackers is the built-in anti-theft system. Modern magnetic GPS trackers employ state-of-the-art electronics that can foil any thieves. Because the magnetic fields created by the tiny tracking device are so weak that they easily deform and sink into surrounding objects, even metal, anti-theft mechanisms prevent them from harming your car.

All x1max magnetic GPS trackers come with a special hardwired GPS tracking system that makes them virtually impossible to hack. These proprietary algorithms protect your personal data and make it nearly impossible for thieves to access it. The tracking hardwired system also allows you to control the speed and acceleration of your vehicle. You can set a maximum speed limit as well as a timer that lets you know when your vehicle has reached that speed limit so you don't over-speed and cause an accident.

Most modern vehicles come standard with black plastic protective covers called dashboard protection. Unfortunately, these do not protect against the extreme temperatures experienced by a modern SUV or sports car. With the right protective shield, you can extend the life of your vehicle's black plastics by keeping them from being harmed by the sun, rain, sleet, or other natural weather elements. Most modern GPS systems come standard with high-tech microchip glove compartments that protect against the puncturing actions of hands.

All the best options for protecting your vehicle are now available in one compact package. The hidden magnet technology used by x1max mini portable real-time vehicle tracker tester is revolutionary. It protects against intrusion by hackers as well as shielding your vehicle from harsh climate changes. The magnet technology keeps the tiny magnetic trackers perfectly concealed so they work seamlessly with your existing vehicle tracking devices. It will literally help ensure your safety and the security of your family.

Magnetic car trackers have been in use since the nineteen eighties and have gained popularity among vehicle owners. As technology has improved, these gadgets have also improved. Magnetic car trackers are a blessing for car owners, who want to know about their cars' location. These trackers are very useful in locating an automobile, which has gone lost. A magnet is fitted onto the car so that the location of the automobile is clearly identified.

New types of magnetic GPS trackers are being manufactured with advanced technology. The new models have a long-lasting, robust, waterproof, and long-lasting battery. These devices now have powerful permanent magnets for an easy permanent fix on the cars. The geofence aspect also helps to create greater spatial coverage, which alerts the concerned users when the tracking device crosses this demarcation.

It is always better to buy these tracking devices from reputed companies, as they would be having thorough knowledge about the functioning of the gadget. The first thing which you should look for in the magnetic car trackers is their power source. The power source should be AC or DC powered. There are certain devices, which require an internal battery while the other requires an external charging port. The internal type usually lasts for longer, and therefore is the best bet, while those requiring an external battery life have to face several complications such as changing of batteries, or the device becoming hazardous due to overcharging.

Another important factor to consider when buying magnetic car trackers is the type of support offered by the company. A wide range of products is available in the market, which is sold at competitive prices. Therefore, it is important that you do thorough research on the company providing the product. The reputed car tracking devices manufacturers generally provide extensive after-sale services such as free home delivery, free set up and replacement of parts, etc. Furthermore, magnetic car trackers come with a comprehensive warranty that covers malfunctioning, damage, or suspension of service for a specific period of time.

Communication with the vehicle and acquiring information about its present location is another essential aspect of the magnetic car trackers. Therefore, there should be a facility of sending SMS to the vehicle. The vehicle identification number of the vehicle should be programmed into the device. The GPS tracker can retain the track of the vehicle and also send information regarding its present location. In case, if the vehicle goes astray, it is easy to track it down.

Apart from the above-mentioned aspects, there are a few important factors, which one should look for while buying a car tracker. As the buyer, you should ensure whether the company provides an online purchase facility or not. There are various companies that allow customers to buy magnetic car trackers online. Therefore, in this respect, it is advisable to choose a reputed company that deals in online purchases. Apart from this, the customer should check whether the company deals in both new and used models or not.

It is better to buy a device that has the features of automatic locking as well as non-stacking support. Moreover, the device should also have the facility to upload data at any time, which can be used for several purposes such as in emergency situations, recovery of vehicles, monitoring vehicle maintenance, and analyzing fuel consumption. Another important aspect is the compatibility of magnetic GPS trackers with different types of navigation systems. Most of the modern GPS tracking devices come with their own proprietary software, which is necessary for the functioning of the vehicle tracking system. Some of the GPS tracking devices also require the installation of a proprietary data storage center, which will allow storing and retrieving of all the captured information on a regular basis.

The features of a good magnetic car tracker should include voice activation as well as keychain access. A good feature should be that the user can send GPS vehicle tracking system SMS alerts directly to their mobile phone. Moreover, the tracking system should have a web access facility where the owner can view the location of the vehicle in real-time. This function can be done even if the owner is traveling away from the location of the vehicle. One more important factor is that the device should provide easy in-app assistance such as getting directions, map of location and address as well as emailing of information.