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Motorcycle Accessories

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Buyer's Guide: Motorcycle Accessories

Top Accessories For Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle accessories can consist of anything from custom wheels and tires to sidecar and even trailers and key chains. An accessory can be added to the factory original equipment brand or purchased and added to aftermarket products post-sale, either as aftermarket products or by an individual purchaser. Most people are familiar with the traditional way in which motorcycle accessories are sold: through the motorcycle's manufacturer or dealership.

However, other ways of buying motorcycle accessories have been developed through the years. Dealerships often partnered with local bike shops to make it easy for consumers to purchase complete motorcycle accessories, often at a discount. But today, many independent aftermarket parts manufacturers have entered into this business and are providing a variety of options to consumers.

Customizing the look of a motorcycle is a personal choice that goes beyond the scope of simple customization of the bike frame. Customizing the look includes everything from bodywork to fairings to headlight covers and handlebars. From chrome fenders to fiberglass bodywork, customizing the look of a motorcycle can be a difficult but rewarding undertaking. When starting on the project of customizing your motorcycle accessories, it helps to know what you want. Once you have a clear idea of the type of look you're going for, it will make it easier to narrow down the available options.

Customizing a bike doesn't have to be a difficult endeavor. Motorcycles have advanced tremendously over the years and now come with many standard features that bike makers started designing specifically for bikes over sixty years ago. But even though modern motorcycles now have many standard features, there is always room for further customization. A custom motorcycle is an extension of the owner's personality and a representation of their sense of fashion. Motorcycle accessories provide the opportunity for many riders to make their bikes look like something out of Hollywood.

One popular motorcycle accessory that is frequently customized is the bike helmet. Helmet extensions are a popular upgrade for riders who wish to incorporate a stylish piece of headgear into their bike. The ability to easily adjust the look of a rider's helmet adds a unique element of style to the helmets and makes them very attractive to riders. One popular helmet accessory that is being utilized by many riders is the cup holders, which give the option to place a drink directly in the holder and prevent the need to remove the cup before drinking.

Another popular customizing feature of motorcycles is the addition of a sidecar. Sidecars allow riders to continue using their bike's road legal tire in addition to adding another seat to the bike. Adding sidecar bars also make motorcycles more aerodynamic, which helps the bike to go faster. Customizing a sidecar also gives the rider a place to store personal belongings, which can include clothing, toys, water bottles, or GPS units.

For riders who appreciate the art of customizing their motorcycles, fairings are another way to customize a bike. Fairings allow the rider to use a decorative rocker that can be attached to the front of the fairing. Other types of fairings include the pop-up fairing that allows the rider to attach decorative fairings to the front of the bike without having to remove the entire fairing.

One accessory that is gaining popularity with motorcycle riders is the crash bar. This bar can be attached to the right or left side of the bike to provide additional protection to the rider in the event of an accident. Many riders find that purchasing a crash bar is a great way to customize their bike without spending a lot of money. Many motorcycle parts stores offer a selection of crash bars that can be purchased for a reasonable price. If you choose to purchase a custom, one-of-a-kind crash bar, it is imperative that you make sure that it fits your specific make and model.