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Motorcycle Glasses

Global Vision Sly Foam Padded Motorcycle Sunglasses Black Frame (Clear)
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses protect your eyes
  • Dual-injected rubber at the temples make for a customized no-slip fit
  • Soft, vented EVA foam padding provides comfort and seals out wind, dust, and debris
  • Adjustable rubber nose pads ensure customized fit just for your face

Buyer's Guide: Motorcycle Glasses

Tips in Buying Motorcycle Glasses

The Motorcycle Glasses were the best invention till the invention of helmets. This invention made things much easy for those riders who want to ride a bike. Before the helmets, one could not enjoy the outdoors on the beautiful sunny day with traces of the sand or dirt stuck on the glass of the bike. These glasses gave a chance to all to use their eyes and see things that were otherwise closed to them. The clear lenses allowed the rider to clearly see what was below or above him without causing any harm to his eyes.

The motorcycle goggles were the next step up from the motorcycle glasses. Both the Motorcycle Glasses and the Goggles were meant to protect the rider's eyes, but they also added some beauty to the bike. The goggles and Motorcycle Glasses were made of different colors, shapes, and designs. Some of them were made even better than the designer sunglasses. Some of the designer sunglasses had been removed from the market because of their high price, and some still remain to be popular amongst the riders.

The motorcycle eyewear was designed in such a way that when the rider puts them on, the lens fits perfectly on his/her eyes. There are many different sizes and styles of this eyewear. They are available from many eyewear stores. You can even get them online.

The Motorcycle Glasses are available in different styles and colors. They look stylish and are quite durable too. These are usually made of ballistic nylon and polycarbonate lenses. The lenses are break-resistant, and the frames of these are made up of high-quality materials too. They have a strong protective layer around them that covers the entire lens. The outer coating is water and scratch-resistant.

Another great feature of these glasses is that they are available in both non-polarized and polarized lenses too. They help to reduce glare and increase your vision while riding. When you wear non-polarized lenses, the sun reflects off them, and you can see all directions. But if you wear polarized lenses, then the glare will be reduced, and you will be able to see all directions clearly. Both these kinds of lenses help you to avoid excessive heat and sun glare.

When you buy Motorcycle Glasses, you should opt for those that have UV rays protection. If you buy sunglasses with no UV ray protection, then it can be very dangerous. You cannot see everything because of the reflected UV rays. But if you opt for the best motorcycle glasses, then you will be able to see all things clearly without any problem. The sunglasses with UV ray protection are also available in different styles. You can choose from soft colored ones to hard lenses.

It is recommended to take protective measures like motorcycle goggles when you go on a ride or travel. In addition, using goggles when riding will prevent dust, dirt, debris, and bugs from entering your eyes. These things might hurt your eyes if they stick into your eyes when you are traveling at high speeds.

Motorcycle glasses are made from durable materials like carbon fiber, bicarbonate, Kevlar, and Phosphate polymers. They are more durable than plastic or glass sunglasses. These materials have high impact resistance ability, are UV-resistant, and can endure rough conditions. However, not all motorcycles are equipped with UV-resistant and durable glasses. If you prefer to ride at higher speeds, then it is better to use durable and polarized motorcycle sunglasses. It will reduce the glare, and you can focus on the road.

Motorcycle eyewear may cost you more, but it will not cause any bad effects. Wearing eye protection will not only protect your eyes, but also you will not have a headache. When you are riding at high speeds, you face more possibilities to crash. If you do not have a pair of prescription motorcycle riding glasses, then you should consider using full-face helmets to protect your eyes. It will give you better protection from dust, dirt, water, and bugs. If you plan to wear a helmet, you should know that it is not a substitute for your pair of prescription sunglasses.

If you are planning to wear your pair of prescription glasses while riding, then it is important to fit them well. If you fit them poorly, then it will distort and reduce your vision. You can also try to use foam padding. The foam padding will reduce the pressure on your eyes and provide comfort.