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Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

Black Widow Hitch-Mounted Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier - 400 lb. Capacity
  • Durable, hitch-mounted motorcycle carrier for use with dirt bikes and motorcycles
  • Self-storing ramp installs on either side with roll-on, roll-off design for easy loading...
  • Includes an anti-rattle device and spacer bar adapter to fit youth 50-80cc bikes
  • Manufactured from lightweight aluminum with a 400 lb. weight capacity
  • Designed for bikes with wheels up to 5-1/2" wide and use with Class III or IV hitch...

Buyer's Guide: Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

Motorcycle Hitch Carrier - How to Choose the Right One For Your Needs

When buying a motorcycle, you have many choices to make as far as motorcycle hitch carriers are concerned. You need to know what type of carrier you want, how much you're willing to spend, and what type of vehicle you drive. In other words, knowing what kind of vehicle you drive is essential to getting the best carrier for your needs. The following motorcycle carrier reviews can help you to make the best decision that's suited to your needs. 

Lightweight Aluminum Motorcycle hitch carriers are very popular. They have a lightweight but durable design that makes them easy to load or unload. They are also known for being tough and having a great rust-proof finish. Many are available with a powder coating or black oxide anodizing. There are also some that are available in a folding frame design.

Lightweight Aluminum Motorcycle hitch carriers with soft-top or soft mud flaps are good for lightweight vehicles with little cargo space. The models with a folding frame are very useful. They are usually available with a soft tongue weight capacity of fewer than eight pounds. The tongue weight capacity is usually derived from the model's weight capacity, which is a principal component of the manufacturer's warranty. This means that the hitch carrier's actual weight capacity will vary from model to model.

Steel frame Motorcycle H hitch carriers are the best overall match for motorcycles. They offer rugged dependability, excellent performance, and high-quality safety. Steel frame models are very popular for a number of different applications, including hauling motorcycles. Steel frame models often come complete with a rear bumper that can be easily removed to access the bike. Other steel frame designs have side skirts or cargo boxes.

The Black Widow Motorcycle H hitch carrier is very popular for its ability to handle larger bikes that weigh more than 1,000lbs. They have a rear entry and a front entry that is on casters. The bikes can also accommodate a hydraulic seat lift. The Black Widow can carry two bikes in addition to one, which makes it a great carrier for two people who want to ride together.

The Black Widow AMC-600-2 is perfect for those who like to bring their dirt bike with them wherever they go. It is an affordable carrier that will fit into most regular work vehicles since it is so small and light. This unit also has been designed to work with most motorcycle models, even though it does not carry a lot of weight. The carrier can easily handle 50 bikes when folded up and fits inside a trunk.

These hitch receivers are available in three different weights: light, medium, and heavy-duty. They are made from steel, making them durable and able to carry the weight capacity of your vehicle. Some carriers even have a folding hitch receiver, allowing you to take your dirt bike along wherever you go.

The Heavy Duty hitch carriers allow the vehicle to be placed directly on the ground, much like a regular vehicle hitch receiver. This is the best way to get your vehicle on the road. They also come in a light version, which is used mostly on recreational vehicles or trucks. Some users of this model find that it is not very stable, but many swear by it for its strength.

There are also tie-down spots to use when using these hitch carriers. These are great for creating support for two riders when traveling long distances. Most tie-downs will hold one rider securely and provide support for both. Some come with padded straps, others without, depending on the model.