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Motorcycle Jacket Brands

Milwaukee Leather SH1011 Tall Men's Classic Side Lace Police Style Motorcycle Leather Jacket -...
  • Made Made of Premium Milled Cowhide 1.2-1.3mm Thick with Full Sleeve Zip Out Thermal Liner
  • Side Lace Detailing for Optimal Fit with Half Belt for Easy Adjustment
  • Two Lower Zippered Pockets with the Extra Ticket Book
  • Snap Close Storage Pocket

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Motorcycle Jackets Brands To Choose From

Motorcycle jackets are available in a huge range of brands. This is due to the high number of styles that are available for bikers' wear. You will find the iconic Harley Davidson, Indian, Yamaha, and Kawasaki replete with different kinds of clothing. The list of top motorcycle companies has its own share of different designs and varieties. Here is a shortlist of the top five most popular brand names in the market.

One of the very famous motorbike motorcycle jacket brands is Thule. These are made of high-quality fiberglass, and the materials are specially treated to make them impervious to water and stains. Their specialty lies in using the best quality of material available. Another popular brand is the German manufacturer Oi8. The company is known to produce the best quality leathers and fibers.

Indian company Bajaj is another one of the top brands in the market. It has been in this business for over a century and has established its name in the motorcycle jacket brands industry. The company uses various vegetable dyes to color fabrics and leathers so that it offers maximum protection to its wearer. They also offer top-quality customer service and a lifetime guarantee. Apart from that, they have good deals for first-time customers.

American manufacturer Schott is one of the most popular motorcycle jacket brands in the market. The Schott leather motorcycle apparels are renowned because of the durability they offer to its users. It is not only the rugged look that makes these bags stand apart from others. These bags are also highly functional, easy to carry and transport, and comfortable to use. Most of the professional motocross riders prefer the bags from Schott because of these features.

Another motorcycle jacket brand that deserves mention is Phoenix. The designer brand from Phoenix offers its clients high-quality, durable and stylish jackets. The company uses different types of dyes and finishing methods to give its products vibrant looks. It also ensures that its customers get the best value for their money.

One of the latest entries into the list of the best motorcycle jackets brands is GAF. This brand offers quality leather jackets that offer protection to the wearer in different kinds of riding environments. This is a perfect choice for bikers, sport riders, touring riders, and anyone who loves to ride in all sorts of weather conditions. Apart from offering protection, this line of clothing also provides style to the wearer. Many of its jackets come with embroidery designs that add a touch of class to the bag. The jackets are waterproof, and the lining of this brand is thick enough to protect the wearer in case of an unexpected fall.

One other company that deserves mention when we talk of the top brands is Dainese. Dainese is famous for its quality leather jackets. In fact, many motorcycle jackets that are manufactured by this brand are known as true works of art. Most of these jackets are made in a way that they offer full protection to the wearer but also look extremely fashionable and attractive. The jackets are also famous for being extremely sturdy and tough and can brave the harshest weather conditions. Since most of these jackets offer protection as well as style to their users, they are made in different colors so that they can be used as accessories to various kinds of outfits.

One of the other top brands in this category is the American manufacturer of motorcycle jackets, Harley Davidson. This popular brand is known for producing many different types of jackets, most notably its classic white Motorcycle Jacket. Its famous pre-curved sleeves and its stylish fit make it one of the most comfortable apparels that one can wear. Though it offers protection to its user, its casual and laid-back attitude makes it a great choice for many bikers.