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Motorcycle Lift Table

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  • Ideal solution to your motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, and UTV lifting needs
  • Features a lifting range of 5-1/8" to 16-1/8" with a 3/4 ton (1,500 lb) load capacity
  • Equipped with 6 locking positions and includes 2 locking swivel casters, a bottle jack,...
  • Wide-load bearing jack is intended for the powersports enthusiast for maintenance or even...

Buyer's Guide: Motorcycle Lift Table

Motorcycle Lift Tables - Tips To Select The Right One

What is a Motorcycle Lift Table, and how does it work? For starters, a motorcycle lift is just a simple piece of machinery designed to hold your motorcycle in a stationary, stable position so that hassle-free maintenance and repair can be done. Generally, a standard lift table typically assumes a straight wooden tabletop with a smooth, flat surface and at least one locking mechanism to keep the motorcycle in place while being worked on. In other words, all you need are your legs, a motor, and a trailer hitch.

Motorcycle Lift Tables have come a long way since their early ancestors, such as those that were invented in the 1930s. Earlier versions used hydraulic jacks or wooden racks to hold the bikes up, but modern-day lifts tables have many features that help them perform their duties better than their predecessors. There are jacks that employ compressed air motors to raise the table, and they can either run on an independent gasoline engine or be plugged into an electric motor, providing both power and energy for the table. Electric or gas-powered lifts tables can also be mounted on trailers to enable extended work periods or to cater to more patients.

There are many advantages when choosing a lift table for your motorcycle, and these benefits are generally better than those provided by other types of lifting apparatus. For one thing, electric models are very quiet and therefore do not intrude into the driver's space. They also offer the advantage of offering complete mobility. Gas-powered lift tables are loud and are, therefore, not as portable as air-operated versions. However, air-operated models tend to be lighter weight, which enables them to be carried around easily while also offering better stability.

Motorcycle lift tables are highly useful for transporting dirt bikes and other such large vehicles to and from shows and off-road ventures. Such equipment is manufactured to specific specifications, and most are custom-built for particular makes and models of motorcycles. Therefore, it is important that you know the model of your particular vehicle before you consider purchasing. For example, dirt bikes tend to be larger and heavier than other motorcycles, so air tables would not be suitable for use on dirt bikes.

The main reason why this is important is that different types of lifts are designed for use at different heights. This is because different motorcycles have different handling qualities. For example, while dirt bikes are agile and light, they also tend to tip over because of their larger weight. Hence, it is important to make sure that the best motorcycle lift tables are compatible with the make and model of your vehicle.

In addition to these two important factors, you should also check whether the platform lifts are suitable for your type of vehicle. For instance, a lift that can lift a motorcycle standing on its side can be used, but this would be very dangerous in wet environments. Similarly, lifts that offer a smooth ride can be used, but these would not be suitable for use on raised platforms. It is therefore important to consider all these factors before you purchase any motorcycle lift tables.

The actual measurement of the lift platform is another important factor to consider. While most tables are available in heights of four feet, there are some that are designed to be used in six feet as well. Determine how high you would be comfortable with the platform by considering the maximum weight capacity of your motorcycle, the length of the platform, its overall stability, as well as its portability. Ideally, the longer the platform, the better it is since you will not have to transfer it often.

The actual length and width of the table should be determined by considering the particular application. If you plan to use it to lift a scooter, it is advisable to go for a table that has an eighteen-inch reach. Likewise, for a standard motorcycle, a table having a reach of at least twenty-eight inches is most suitable. In general, the larger the table, the higher its lifting capacity, while the smaller ones have a sturdier base and greater stability.