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Motorcycle Rain Gear

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  • Made of 100% Oxford Nylon, Lightweight And Water-Resistant
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  • Hidden Neck Hoodie With Velcro Closure and Inner Lower Pant Leg Heat Protection
  • Sized To Be Worn Over Motorcycle Riding Apparel

Buyer's Guide: Motorcycle Rain Gear

Motorcycle Rain Gear - Top Picks For Riding in Wet Weather

Are you looking for motorcycle rain gear for yourself or a loved one? There are many reasons that this type of gear is necessary for your motorcycle. Most people forget that riding can potentially get very cold during the winter months and even in the springtime. If you don't have the right gear, then you can be seriously hurt and even killed if you are not protected by some sort of rain gear. So why would you risk that?

Your riding does not need to come to a halt just because winter and fall are around, as long as you have the right gear covering you. Motorcycle rain gear is specially designed for motorcycle riders for a very good reason. Motorcycle clothing like jackets, pants, boots, and gloves all help to keep your body dry when it can not get out of the water through the normal vents. But there is more to motorcycle rain gear than just keeping dry; it is designed to keep you as safe as possible while riding.

The main thing to consider when buying motorcycle rain gear is what price range you are working within. There are designer suits available from almost any price range. The real test is whether or not it will hold up under real riding conditions. You really don't want to buy something that you will only wear once or twice because it tears easily.

The first point to look at when checking for the durability of motorcycle rain gear is the material it is made from. Some materials wear down faster than others. Polyester material, for example, wears down very quickly. If you are looking for lasting protection, then consider spending a little more money on a material that will last longer, like a breathable fabric that is made with a Dacron weave.

The second point to consider in your quest for lasting protection in the rain is how well the motorcycle rain gear fits. This is the most important part of any two-piece wet weather pants. Wet weather pants with a large pocket are recommended for any rider. A two-piece wet weather suit with a large pocket is the best choice for riders who will be riding for long periods of time.

Two other points for consideration regarding the two-piece motorcycle rain gear that we have already mentioned are the construction and the fit. Two-piece pants with a reinforced inner seam and quilted panels are much more durable than one piece that is simply sewn together. A fly street rain suit with waterproof material that is constructed well should also be considered for those cold and rainy days.

One item that is highly considered when looking for top picks in motorcycle rain gear for cold and wet riding conditions is a pair of rain boots that are waterproof. Motorcycle boots with outer rubber soles and non-slip soles are best for winter riding and will keep you safe from slipping and sliding on slick surfaces. Motorcycle helmets that are made of hard foam or polyurethane are the perfect choice for riding in rainy weather because they will stay dry and protect the ears and face in the event of an accident.

Your choice in motorcycle rain gear for a ride in the rain should include a couple of items that will make a significant difference in how well you can stay dry. It is always a good idea to take a few minutes to read the manufacturer's instructions for the particular type of gear you buy. Although it is not required, it will make your riding experience more enjoyable and safe. And you will thank yourself when the weather turns icy and wet on your ride home!