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Motorcycle Rain Suit

Joe Rocket 1010-1005 RS-2 Men's Motorcycle Rain Suit (Black, X-Large)
  • Waterproof Soft Polyester outer shell with PVC backing
  • Full-length zipper with Velcro storm flap and collar
  • Two large outer pockets with gusset expanders
  • VARIABLE FLOW ventilation on back

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Motorcycle Rain Suit - Why It Is a Must-Have for Motorcycle Riding

Motorcycle rain suits were made to keep you dry, protected, and comfortable during any weather. No matter the temperature, be sure to check out top picks for your next motorcycle rain suit and be ready for anything on your next rides. 

For those who love riding in the rain, there is a heavy rain suit available with all of the functionality of a standard motorcycle rain suit but with extra features to make you stay dry and protected while riding in heavy downpours.

Fly Street Rain Suit. For riding, a lightweight rain suit will keep you comfortable no matter the temperature outside. For dry riding, a waterproof liner and boot keep you dry from rain and icy snow. For a truly authentic feel and look, choose a traditional riding suit with colorful detailing.

Light Weight Rain Boots. Lightweight riding boots are an absolute must for riding in cold weather. Insole foam helps keep moisture and heat away from your feet which in turn helps keep your feet dry and warm. Choose black, brown, or cognac leather boots. They come with rubber soles for traction on slippery surfaces as well as non-slip patterns and non-skid bottoms to keep them in place.

Motorcycle Rain Jacket. Your basic rain jacket is essential, but adding a jacket with a full-length zipper and Velcro strap along with snap cuffs and an adjustable collar and buckle can make for a totally dry riding experience. Zippers and collars can be worn over your gloves which will keep everything that goes on your hands out of the way. The collar can be adjusted to keep the jacket from popping open when you get the urge to shed the weight and pouring rain on your face and body.

Rainproof Motorcycle Rain Gear. If you want complete waterproofing of your Motorcycle Rain Suit, then make sure that you purchase a product that includes both dry weather and wet weather waterproofing features. Most manufacturers include the dry weather component of a complete waterproofing system in all of the products they sell. When it comes to the rest of the waterproofing elements, make sure you read the instructions carefully and follow them to the letter. Test them out in the store before buying the product to make sure that it will work with your specific setup and that it is completely safe to use in wet weather conditions.

Easy Cleaning and Care. Believe it or not, the Motorcycle Rain Suit can be easily cleaned and cared for so that it doesn't end up looking old before its time. The main thing to remember about cleaning your riding gear is that you should never rub it or use harsh detergents. Instead of using these harsh chemicals, use some gentle dish soap and warm water to cleanse them. Follow this up by allowing it to dry naturally, and you will find that it is ready for wear again.

Durability. This one may seem a bit paradoxical, but the Motorcycle Rain Suit is actually much more durable than you think. Because of the way the design of the jacket and pants are designed, they can withstand some pretty strong winds and heavy rain.