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Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Phoenix USA SPWM Motorcycle Wheel Chock
  • Price For: Each Includes: Trailer Mounting Hardware Material: Steel Application:...
  • Package Dimensions: 31.8 H x 22 L x 22 W (centimeters)
  • Package Weight: 2.24 kilograms

Buyer's Guide: Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Benefits Of Having A Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Motorcycle wheel chock systems are an absolute must-have for anyone looking to travel on two wheels. They have been around for quite some time, but only recently have motorcycle chock manufacturers started making them with more durable materials. Now that there is such a huge market for these, you need to make sure you buy the right one for your needs. The more you know about chocks before you decide to purchase one, the better off you will be. Here is what you should keep in mind while making your decision.

Durability - No matter how durable your bike is, it is still prone to taking a lot of knocks, scrapes, and bumps every so often. Motorcycle wheel chock systems prevent your bike from tipping over and falling like a simple stand would, without requiring you to lose all your sleep over whether or not it would tip over. On top of this, they will save you a lot of money in trips just getting between places due to the extra space these chocks provide. So whether or not you own a cruiser, touring, or sportbike, you are guaranteed to be more comfortable when riding it with the right motorcycle wheels chock.

Versatility - Most modern Motorcycle owners have at least one motorcycle wheel chock of one type or another, usually two depending on their preferences. However, what is also growing in popularity is the versatility of the newer locking systems. You can have the freedom to lock your front wheel, back wheel, or both simultaneously. This gives you the freedom to move the chock from side to side and even tilt it up and down to give better traction on the road. This also offers better security if you are locked out of your vehicle by a curious motorist. Locking your chock to your handlebars is very simple and often done by flipping a switch, which automatically locks the chock into place and secures it with an additional lock.

Quality Of Parts And Accessories - While most Motorcycle owners understand the benefits of having a Motorcycle Wheel Chock, few understand that having a high-quality chock improves the overall stability of your bike. The reason for this is because of the inherent strength of the steel used in manufacturing these items. When steel is heated, it changes from an austenitic (pre-bonded) state to a tungsten austenitic (high carbon) state. The change allows the metal to be more malleable, which can be shaped into many shapes, including tubes and casings. These better shapes allow the wheels to lock more tightly while in motion, which increases the stability of the device.

Secured Tie Downs - Another benefit to having a Motorcycle Wheel Chock is that it secures the bike to the ground using ties or strong straps. Often when the tires of a motorcycle spin due to high speed, they can come off the rim and pose a danger to anyone driving by. If the wheels come off, the bike can be thrown several feet away from the curb, becoming dangerous and even fatal. A well-made Motorcycle Wheel Chock will prevent this by tying the wheels securely to the ground or by using tie-downs to secure the bike down.

Increased Motorcycle Safety - When a Motorcycle Wheel Chock is added to a motorbike, the owner often discovers that their driving time is reduced because they no longer have to worry about their bike coming off the curb. The longer a rider is on the bike, the more likely they will forget about the possibility of their bike coming off the curb because they are so comfortable riding it. This is especially true when the ride is for hours because, by the end of the ride, the tires will probably be very cold. If you ride every day, then you know how horrible it is to ride in snow, ice, rain, or shine. In fact, many motorbike owners avoid highway driving altogether because the thought of being stuck out in the middle of nowhere makes them nervous enough to want to break out of their comfort zone and drive through anything that could possibly happen. This safety feature adds another benefit to having a Motorcycle Wheel Chock.

However, when the Motorcycle Wheel Chock is utilized properly, and all the tires are secured to the ground, you can greatly reduce the amount of waste that is produced because there is no more tire "suckering." Instead, you can have your own little waste-holding tank attached to the Motorcycle Wheel Chock, so when you are done riding, all you have to do is fill up the tank and throw the empty container away. It's much easier than carrying around a gallon jar of fuel!

For your peace of mind as well as your safety, consider investing in a Motorcycle Wheel Chock, which can make any long layover a lot easier on your part and the life of your tires as well. The Motorcycle Wheel Chock will also keep you safe while you are on the road because if you are not careful enough, you might end up flipping over or smashing into something that is passing you by, or worse yet, someone else may end up in an accident with you. The peace of mind alone is worth the investment in this unit. But, before you purchase, make sure that you read the user's manual and watch the video testimonials and reviews for information on the various models that are available and their reliability and durability. Once you are sure of the model that you want, you can shop for the Motorcycle Wheel Chock online and get your perfect custom fit to fit your Motorcycle.