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Oil Filter Brands

Quicksilver 883702Q Engine Block Mount Oil Filter - V-6 MerCruiser Stern Drive Engines
  • Superior M-Pleated cleansing filter media removes oil contaminants
  • Produced to meet Mercury Marine original equipment manufacturer specifications to best...
  • Features an anti-drain back valve to ensure start up lubrication and eliminate dry starts
  • 50% thicker metal shell than conventional filters with a durable, corrosion resistant...
  • For V-6 MerCruiser stern drive engines where the filter is mounted on the engine block

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An oil filter is really one of the most important types of filters in the vehicle industry. They play an essential part in enhancing engine performance. An oil filter is also known as a grease filter is mostly used in internal combustion engines, marine applications, and cooling fans and generators in residential homes. They are available in numerous brands. The performance and life of an oil filter are enhanced with the passage of time.

Oil is required in every vehicle to operate the various mechanical systems. This helps in reducing the harmful emission from the engine and improves fuel economy. With continuous use, an engine gains more power and efficiency. Hence, it is very important to keep the engine clean and free of any blockages. Every driver or mechanic is well aware of the importance of maintaining the engine in good condition. Hence, it is advisable to choose the best oil filter brands that can provide durability and help in the efficient functioning of the engine.

There are different motorcraft categories available in the market with varying specifications and features. For example, there are low-sump, high-performance, and dual-fuel vehicles. Each category has different requirements, which call for different types of oil filters. Some of the main motorcraft categories are as follows:

There arefour grades according to the performance of the engine. They are low, medium, top, and super-high grades. Thus, the type of oil filter should be chosen accordingly for the engine type. The best oil filter brands for a particular motor vehicle are as follows:

The performance and life of the engine depending on the quality of the oil filters. Moreover, there is a need for maintenance and repairing of the filters. Hence, the need to buy top-quality, clogged oil filters is inevitable.

It is very important to remove the unwanted dirt and debris from the oil filters. It is advisable to use the vacuum-cleaner tool for this purpose. Using this tool, it is possible to remove the debris and the oil filter material. In case, the dirt and debris are not removed, it is advisable to clean the filter in the air using a pressure washer. However, if the clogging is due to the deposition of debris, it is advisable to take the help of an engine cleaner.

As soon as the dirt is removed from the oil filters, it is advisable to clean and wash the filter to remove the foreign materials and particles. However, many engines require more care to remove the dried-out materials and debris. This can be prevented by proper cleaning and maintenance of the filter. The best oil filters use centrifugal force for the removal of debris.

Cleaning and maintenance of the oil filter help to extend its life. It prevents the occurrence of the blockage of the oil filter at a later stage. It also helps to save the engine from frequent replacement due to the blockage of the filter. Thus, maintenance and cleaning play a crucial role in extending the life of the engine. If possible, it is better to take the help of professionals for proper cleaning and maintenance.

Before starting the engine, it is always advisable to check the level of the engine oil first. If the level is low, the engine will perform less efficiently and the motor will be prone to frequent breakdowns. In case of low oil filters, the performance of the engine will also be affected. There are different types of filters available in the market. Therefore, it is advisable to know about them before buying any type.

There are two main factors that affect the performance of the engine - the air flow and the oil filter capacity. If the air flow is reduced, the rate of combustion will decrease and the debris will be blocked. When the oil filter capacity is low, the oil will not be able to trap the foreign debris and particles. In the case of the unfiltered oil, it becomes difficult to know the amount of debris in the system.

Hence, it is important to have a sufficient amount of air flow in the engine in order to have clean oil. The rate of fuel consumption will also increase when dirt particles are trapped inside. On the contrary, when there is an adequate amount of air flow and oil filters, they will be able to trap the foreign particles effectively. This will prevent the growth of bacteria and other contaminants which can cause serious health problems.

It is advisable to choose the best oil filters for a car that has been manufactured by any reputed company. Most of the popular brands do not come with guarantee for their product. Hence, it is vital to conduct a research before purchasing one for your vehicle. Read reviews of other customers and select the one that has received the approval of the community.