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Paint For Truck Beds

Herculiner HCL0B7-01 Truck Bed Liner, Black, 1 Quart
  • Easy DIY: Herculiner is the original do-it-yourself brush-on bed liner kit
  • QUALITY: In three easy steps, your truck bed will be covered with a tough, textured...
  • DURABLE: Provides a durable skid-resistant protective coating that prevents rust and won't...
  • PROVEN: Has been the industry leader for over 12 years
  • VERSATILE: Can be easily applied to many other surfaces such as concrete, plastic, rubber,...

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Recently, when I was looking for information on Paint For Truck Beds, I came across several interesting articles in a truck bed repair forum that was written by other experts. I think you will find these tips useful as you evaluate your paint job and do the work yourself. The first thing that most of us do when we are considering the purchase of a new bed is to go online and look at the different models available in the showrooms and on the net, before we make our final choice.

My first experience of looking for Paint For Truck Beds on the web was back in 2021 when I joined a forum for truck owners in Canada. A member asked if anyone had a spare set of rollers and asked if they would mind if he could send some of them out. Nobody was happy to do it, but thanks (or should I say sorry) to a quick internet search, I found a willing seller. And just like that, my buddy's truck was in my garage awaiting paint. A few weeks went by and he sent me pictures of the completed result.

The following day, I ordered a full kit, including everything I needed from Paint For Truck Beds. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about trying to install the rollers myself. The instructions were very clear and the tools were very well explained. The job went smoothly and I installed the rollers easily with no accidents. I think I managed to do about half of the job myself thanks to some good instructions. The results were impressive.

Two months later, I met up with a guy who worked for a company that specialized in customizing vehicles. He recommended that we try Paint For Truck Beds, which he said was "the easiest" of all the available options. That comfort was short-lived. It turned out that the simplicity of the kit had led to people thinking it was easy to assemble without actually learning any of the nuts and bolts. This turned out to be a bad thing.

Once we got over that point, it wasn't long before we were ready to go. We put together a smallish inflatable boat and put a couple of coats of paint on it. While we waited for it to dry, we made sure the sides were properly joined. Then, when we were ready to assemble the main part, we joined the sides correctly, and the job was done quickly.

In the next month, I had a customer who was upgrading an older truck and asked if I could help him pick out a new "harvest tan paint". He already had two coats of paint on the truck and wanted to upgrade to a third. We discussed the difficulty of getting the right color, and he decided he wanted a darker shade. This was easily accomplished, just by selecting a post reply color that complimented the pickup and then mixing in some clear wax to help even out the transition.

The customer painted his truck with a new color and applied some clear wax to the edges. We let it dry overnight and repainted his vehicle the next day. On the third day, while we were sitting over our breakfast, he noticed that the area where we used to get the bucket had become uneven. Thanks (0) for the advice, we didn't forget it!

Here's our latest success story involving a truck bed paint job. Last month, a customer asked us how we fitted a single-stage Acura paint to a Toyota Tacoma. We had previously bought a single stage Acura paint and had used it to paint one car and one truck. The customer asked us to use that paint to do a two-stage job on his truck as well. We did just that and he was very happy!