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Performance Chips

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Why Use Performance Chips?

Performance chips, sometimes referred to as Superchips, are computer chips made to alter the existing parameters of a computer system, usually increasing torque and speed. Some performance chip manufacturers claim that their chips can boost gas engine power up to 35 percent and above and even higher in diesel or turbocharged engines. Some say that these chips actually can and do make real-world gas mileage improvements.

So, is it possible to buy an upgrade for my new car? Many auto parts stores now carry high-performance chips, but you'll need to shop around to find the best price on one. Some companies charge more than others for these little gems, but it's worth the cost if you can get a high-quality chip with good factory specifications at a reasonable price. There are also aftermarket solutions that are designed to work in your car's existing engines. Some are actually so well made that they can be installed by the owner and only need to be readied before use. You can also get upgraded performance chips for just about any make and model of car, including trucks, motorcycles, Jeeps, and trucks.

Performance chips can also be used to upgrade or change the existing engines. If you're looking to improve your vehicle's gas mileage, then it might be time to look into these chips. Many vehicle owners have found that using performance chips during routine maintenance has increased the life of their vehicles. Not only do performance chips correct small problems, but they can also make large changes to the way your engine works, improving its overall efficiency. Performance chips can also improve how your vehicle performs while in motion.

For instance, some performance chips come equipped with a system that measures engine torque. When the chip's sensors detect an increase in engine torque, the chip can determine if more force is required to move the wheels of the vehicle. It then adjusts the amount of additional force required to the wheel, depending on the current speed. Then, once the wheel has reached its maximum torque setting, the system shuts off immediately, and the engine is allowed to cool down.

But what about when you're not running your engine? Some people have found that installing performance chips has a very real benefit, one that goes beyond simply making their vehicles more powerful. By installing these chips, owners of vehicles have experienced significant decreases in their maintenance costs. Some people even report saving thousands of dollars each year! Imagine what it would be like to drive a two-year-old vehicle that is only four years old!

Another great benefit of these performance chips comes from the reduction in pollution that they produce. Some scientists believe that our emissions lead to hundreds of premature deaths every year. Installing a chip in your engine allows you to enjoy the benefits of fuel efficiency while helping the environment at the same time. The most efficient engines run at least twice as many miles per gallon as the most inefficient engines, and saving even a small percentage of fuel efficiency can make a big difference in the life of your vehicle.

So which vehicle models should you use a performance chip for? While there is no universal list of performance chips available, most vehicle enthusiasts who have already started upgrading their engines have pinpointed certain vehicles that should be treated with caution since their engines are more sensitive to harmful environmental factors. If your vehicle's engine isn't quite ready to be modified, you might want to wait a few years before you start thinking about installing a performance chip.

Some performance chips are also aimed at increasing the amount of horsepower that a vehicle produces. Unfortunately, if you're looking for a vehicle that can max out at a particular level, you're probably going to have trouble finding one that actually does that. However, most performance chips are able to increase the horsepower of a vehicle by up to 15 percent without making any modifications to the engine. If you do end up on the bandwagon and start installing performance chips into your vehicle, just make sure that you keep a good exhaust system and good cooling. Otherwise, you may find yourself sitting in the car of an exhaust-shy driver who can get more horsepower out of a horsepower converter than you thought possible.