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Pick Up Truck Bed Liners

BedRug Bed Mat BMX00D fits 66" X 98" UNIVERSAL UNIVERSAL SIZE - 66x98 - You cut to fit
  • Universal Length - You cut to fit!
  • Slip and skid resistant fiber - 100% Polypropylene – ultra tough work surface
  • Requires drilling - Designed to install over plastic drop-in style bedliners only
  • Waterproof, chemical, & stain resistant. Designed for exterior use – will not absorb...

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Pick up truck bed liners are used to protect your pickup truck's cargo from harsh road elements. These liners usually come in one of two forms, either a solid layer or a spray-on coating. Both of these types offer a variety of functions that are necessary for anyone who wants their truck bed to last for many years to come. Whether you need them for a short term trip or long term storage or transportation needs, there are liners available that can meet your needs.

A tonneau cover, for instance, is often used to protect cargo in the bed of pickup trucks. The tonneau cover rolls up over the bed of the truck and also protects cargo and people inside from weather and prying eyes. One of the most durable truck bed liners that can be used on almost any truck bed is industrial grade pure polyurea. Made out of a tough and durable rubber, this polyurea liner is guaranteed to last for years to come and it also protects the cargo that is stored in the truck bed.

If you are using an industrial truck bed liner, you'll want to find one that is made out of the same material. Pure polyurea is going to be the toughest and most durable material that you can find, so you'll be getting the most value for your dollar. Other truck bed liners may seem better, but the truth is, you get what you pay for.

Pickup truck bed liners are designed to protect the interior of your pickup truck. Most are made out of either polyurethane or fiberglass. Both materials are extremely tough and very durable against the elements. They are also designed to be much lighter than traditional truck bed liners, which makes moving and transporting your cargo much easier. It also makes moving your truck much easier on the budget too!

Because they are designed to fit inside the pickup truck's bed, they are far more waterproof than other types of truck bed lining. This is extremely important when you consider how harsh the weather can be along our nation's highways. Most people who drive long distances on the highway don't even realize that their trucks are sitting in the water. Water gets into all kinds of places, especially when you are driving over large amounts of water that has washed up onto the ground. Getting a truck bed liner is like securing an expensive asset in an earthquake zone!

Pickup truck bed liners also make it much easier to clean underneath your truck whenever you need to. You can reach under the bed of your pickup truck with no trouble at all and find all kinds of debris that was likely to end up there before you even got out of the car! You won't have to scrub at the paint any more when you get a liner put on, nor will you have to worry about dirt collecting up in your engine as you make your way around town.

Liners also save you a lot of time too. It's easy to spend countless hours cleaning the outside of your pickup truck without even realizing it. With a pickup truck bed liner to protect the bed of your truck from scratches, oil, salt, and other potential damage, you can go about your day knowing that your vehicle is well protected. This will prevent you from having to spend countless hours scrubbing at the paint to try and get at that stubborn stain that just won't come out no matter how hard you scrub. Without a liner to protect it, your pickup truck is subject to the wear and tear of everyday use. This can mean huge repair bills in the future, or you might need to throw out an entire truck because it's so badly damaged.

Pickup truck bed liners are also great for protecting your interior from stains and spills. If you leave food or drinks in your pickup truck bed, you might find yourself with a big mess on your hands if you don't have some kind of liner to cover it up with. You wouldn't want that stain on your upholstery, or in your carpeting, would you? A liner will also help you avoid scratching your paint job when you bring your truck back into your house. These liners are not just another cheap addition to your truck, they're an investment in your truck's safety and your wallet.