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Rc Crawler Tire

INJORA RC Tires 1.9inch 4Pcs RC Rubber Tyre Set Wheel Tires for 1:10 RC Crawler Axial SCX10 90046...
  • 100% Band new
  • With foam insert, aggressive lugs and narrow
  • Extreme scale all terrain tire
  • Made of high quality rubber

Buyer's Guide: Rc Crawler Tire

Choosing The Right Type of Tires For Your RC Truck

The Rc Crawler is a great vehicle for four wheeling that can also handle off road terrains and other terrain. The all Terrain version is great for getting over obstacles and going down the mountain. It has a light weight design that makes it very easy to maintain while giving it good power. It has a number of helpful features that make four wheel driving easy even with a lack of traction.

The crawler's treads are primarily constructed from a synthetic rubber that allows it the ability to grip surfaces with ease, even under heavy load. Though it lacks true off road performance, it still has enough grip so that you can handle most off road conditions with confidence. It also has deep lugs which increase its gripping power even more.

However, the real strength of the Rc Crawler comes from its wheel and tire combo. It has a tread that is nearly twice as deep as other trucks in its class. The extra depth enables the vehicle to better grip loose dirt and gravel. Though this extra width also means that it will carry less material, it gives the crawler a wider base to absorb impacts and still function well. The wide spacing between the lugs also increase the tire's contact patch which, in turn, gives the crawler a wider overall footprint. These characteristics result in exceptional off road capabilities.

The company started producing these tires about ten years ago and started out selling them for those who wanted them for their hot rod RC vehicles only. Today, the variety of models offered allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds-have fun on your favorite outdoor hobbypark trails as well as take care of the dirt underneath your vehicles. Though they are sold as regular street legal tires, there are now RC mud tires available with more aggressive treads designed for even harder conditions. Check with your local hobbypark to see what kind of terrain is best for this type of tire.

In addition to their off road capabilities, many hobbypark owners swear by the Rc Crawler tires as the best ones on the market. The standard design features a two-lug wheel that is much deeper than most tires on the market and offers a higher level of gripping power. What's more is that the front bumper is designed to minimize the amount of slipping you have while driving off road.

Like most other types of tires on the market today, the Rc Crawler comes in different sizes. There is a wide range of treads for you to choose from, but there are specific types of trucks that benefit from certain sizes. If your vehicle is small or compact, you should go with a smaller inner tube. If you have a larger truck with a long wheelbase, go with a larger outer diameter. Foam inserts improve both the gripping power and the life of the tire. Because the foam inserts do not decrease traction like other types of rubber compounds do, they are preferred over other inner tubes because they do not cause steering instability.

When it comes to choosing what type of tire you want for your RC car or truck, you have some options. There is a universal tread that fits most cars and trucks, but it does not give very good traction. The other option is a high performance set of off road tires. These use higher quality lugs and treads that provide great traction. Some people prefer these because they are easier to change and do not have to be completely reinstalled every time you change the wheelbase.

In addition to providing traction on all terrains, the best of the Rc Crawler tires also have blow molded parts so they are made to resist extreme weather conditions. With blow molding, you get a durable, safe set of tires that stand up to whatever Mother Nature has to throw at your RC truck. Since most of these tires fit most vehicles, whether they are an RC Bug, Airwave, Traxxas, Stratosphere, or ErockIT, you will be able to drive them almost anywhere.