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Remote Car Starters

Fortin EVO-NIST1 Stand-Alone Add-On Remote Start Car Starter System For Infiniti Nissan...
  • For select Infiniti Nissan push-to-start vehicles
  • Comes with EVO-ALL module and THAR-NIS1 t-harness (separate FLASH-LINK required for Crypto...
  • Remote start by pressing factory remote lock button 3x (not compatible on 07 and 08...
  • For use on automatic transmission only

Read More About Remote Car Starters

Remote car starters are what they sound like: a radio-controlled device that begins the motor of your car from a certain distance, usually far enough away that you cannot touch the car itself. Usually, these gadgets come complete with a tiny remote control with buttons for start and other basic functions. Many people who have used them describe the feeling as having "cloned" a car. The thing is, a remote starter is just a starting device. You cannot drive your car without one.

For most cars, a remote starting system is included as standard equipment. (Even if it does not come as standard, many manufacturers offer remote starting systems separately.) Some cars, however, do not have standard remote starting systems installed. If you are one of these individuals and have a remote car starting device that you do not need, here are some tips to help you go about getting it.

Unless you are working with a professional installation technician, you should avoid installing your remote starters on your own. If you have reason to believe you can do a good job with a do-it-yourself job, go ahead and do it. Otherwise, leave the job to the professionals.

Even if you have the ability to install remote car starters yourself, there are a few reasons why you might want to pay someone to do it for you. One reason is the extra money it could save you. A professional installation will come with all of the necessary hardware, which will typically include everything needed to hook up the engine to the starter, the wiring for the remote starting system, and an installation manual. The parts alone could cost more than the remote car starters themselves.

A second reason to get one is the peace of mind from knowing that your vehicle is going to be safe. With the added safety that comes with a working engine, and the extra safety features of key fobs and ignition buttons, you can feel secure in knowing that your vehicle is in safe hands. The key fob and ignition button can easily be deactivated in an emergency situation. By arming them when you need them, you won't have to worry about losing the remote car starters in an emergency situation.

How do remote car starters work? The system works by using two-way communications between the starter and the engine. One side will send a signal to the starter motor while another side will send a signal to the engine to ignite the gas. When the starter arm is released, the motor will fire the engine without having to touch the button on the keyfob. The result is a very efficient two-way system that allows you to start your vehicle quickly in any situation.

The major benefit of owning remote car starters is the peace of mind they provide. You'll be able to start your vehicle without having to get out of your car and run into the garage. They allow you to get back to your driving quickly in many situations and give you more time in your driveway or parking lot instead of waiting for your vehicle to start.

If you own an older model vehicle that doesn't come with built-in electronic devices, you may want to consider an aftermarket remote car starter kit. These kits provide the same safety and efficiency benefits as the ones that come with the manufacturer. In most cases, a professional installation will provide a two-way communication system with a keyfob and ignition. This ensures that even in potentially dangerous situations, your vehicle can be started in just a few seconds and driven away in just a few moments.