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Riding Boots Motorcycle

Joe Rocket 1519-0011 Men's Meteor FX Mid Leather Motorcycle Riding Boot (Black, Size 11)
  • Split grain leather construction
  • DryTech waterproof membrane
  • Double stitched construction
  • Internally reinforced ankle, toe and heel

Buyer's Guide: Riding Boots Motorcycle

Choosing The Best Riding Boots For Motorcycles

For bikers, it is not uncommon to find people wearing Motorcycle Boots. This is because Boots help in protecting the lower part of the legs and are meant for comfort and ease while riding motorcycles. Apart from that, Motorcycle Boots also ensure safety while riding bikes at high speeds, reduce chances of accidents on and off-road as well increase the rider's performance and flexibility on and off the bike. In this article, we will discuss some of the different types of Motorcycle Boots available in the market and their pros and cons.

High-performance Motorcycle Boots are basically for bikers who ride their motorcycles at higher speeds and in hot weather conditions. High-performance boots are made up of hardened rubber, textile lining, and sturdy metal toe caps. These boots offer complete protection against falling objects, flying debris, and strong winds. Moreover, they protect the rider's feet from hot temperature fluctuations and enable them to move comfortably in low temperatures. Apart from this, high-performance boots also ensure the rider's feet and legs remain cool and comfortable even in hot weather conditions.

Most popularly known as waterproof Motorcycle Boots, these are specifically designed to be waterproof in extreme weather conditions as well as provide additional protection from falling objects. These boots are generally made of polyethylene and rubber and offer extreme weatherproofing. Moreover, they are highly flexible and can stretch to fit most sizes of feet. Most popularly, these boots are used in cold weather riding, but they can also be used for all weather conditions. Most of these waterproof boots feature heavy-duty lacing and zipper closures.

Another variety includes Motorcycle Boots for various purposes like trail walking, light dressage, equestrian, and rowing. These boots are mostly made of waterproof leather uppers, durable rubber outer soles, and sturdy non-slip heels for increased traction on slick surfaces. These non-slip, water-resistant boots are often used as alternatives to normal footwear during camping and other rugged outdoor activities. In addition, many riders prefer non-slip and water-resistant leather boots because they can be worn during any season and are available in a wide range of stylish designs that are ideal for bikers and motorcyclists.

Motorcycle Boots are specially designed to offer improved protection from frostbite when motorcycle riders go on long tours in icy conditions. Some of these boots come with steel toe inserts for added protection from slush and wet ice patches. Moreover, this type of winter boots usually features deep sheepskin linings for extra warmth. Many winter riding boots also have removable insoles for increased comfort and added traction on slippery winter surfaces.

Other types include Cordura and Gore-Tex suits for extreme cold and wet weather conditions. Cordura suits are usually windproof and waterproof to make sure your feet stay warm even in the worst weather condition. Gore-tex is highly effective at stopping water from penetrating your boots and is also able to absorb up to 30% of its heat, making your feet even warmer. It is also highly resistant to mildew, which is a common problem during long-distance riding in wet and cold conditions. Cordura and Gore-Tex are also ideal choices for motorcycle armor, which is an important part of your bike's defensive shell during long-distance riding.

Apart from the usual considerations such as fit, style, performance, and quality, you also have to consider the cold-weather environment while on your motorcycle. Although many bike riders are accustomed to wearing insulated motorcycle coats in winter months, you may not be able to keep your torso warm enough when the temperature plunges to lows below zero. This is where low-temperature riding boots come into play. You should definitely invest in some high-quality winter biker boots to ensure your safety.

Biker boots are available in three levels of quality. Some motorcycle boots brands that offer winter boots at a discount include Tony Lama, Polar Sport, and Harley Davidson. However, to make sure you get the most out of your winter biking gear, it would be a wise choice to buy certified footwear.