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Rotella Diesel Oil

Shell Rotella T - 550045348 5 Synthetic Blend 15W-40 Diesel Motor Oil (1-Gallon, Single-Pack)
  • For best performance, follow the manufacturer's recommendations in your vehicle owner’s...
  • Advanced low-ash formulation helps control the blocking or poisoning of exhaust after...
  • Synthetic base oil components provides the capability to improve cold starting and low...
  • The Advanced formulation delivers good engine cleanliness and protection against piston...
  • Rotella T5 meets the requirements of the major US engine manufacturers for low emission...

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Rotella Diesel Oil Review

Shell Rotella is one of the most popular truck lubricants. In fact, according to one survey, nearly ninety percent of all trucks use a Rotella-type lubricant. 

Rotella Diesel Oil helps protect your engine by preventing friction between oil and gasses. According to the company, Rotella Diesel Oil reduces engine wear and tear, lowers fuel consumption, and increases average life-span. Moreover, Shell developed the ultra 10w-30 synthetic blend to improve the level of overall oiliness in diesel.

Rotella's ultra-smooth lubricant filters come in a variety of standard and custom sizes. They also have a variety of configurations. For example, some of the company's filters have five-pack interchangeability. Rotella claims its custom-sized filters are designed especially for trucks that frequently make long trips in their gasoline-powered engines.

Shell's global brand manager says, "There's nothing more reliable than Rotella, as it provides us with an Ultra-premium diesel lubricant that helps us provide our customers with great product support and customer satisfaction at every stage of delivery." The company's new line of six oil filters was developed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. In addition to the six new filter designs, the company is offering industry-standard synthetic engine oils along with two additional lines of drain tubes. All products are engineered to perform as well as or better than competing products on the market.

Rotella carries a full line of drain tube products to complement its extensive lineup of synthetic oil. Some of the company's most popular drain tube products include their CK-4 oils, which are specially formulated to provide superior engine protection. They are designed to protect the cam lobes, which are situated in the lower radiator area of most trucks. CK-4 oils improve fuel economy, reduce sludge, and have been proven to reduce emissions. Some consumers have reported reduced emissions and increased fuel mileage.

Rotella's second product in its diesel fuel economy line is the ultra 10w-30 synthetic blend. The ultra 10w-30 synthetic blend has been specifically formulated to work in trucks that are experiencing fuel starvation due to low engine temperatures. These oils help maintain proper oil pressure and ensure adequate lubrication for properly operating all types of heavy-duty diesel engines. Rotella's other synthetic products include its fa-4 grease product and super chip product line.

Rotella's third product is its high-performance synthetic base oils. Its triple protection Plus, synthetic base oils are made with ingredients that help prevent damage caused by drain-plate sludge and help protect the internal workings of your engine. Many truck owners have reported improved vehicle engine life from using these products. Rotella's other truck products include its billet and premium billet oils. Rotella's premium billet oil has been proven to improve trucking and car engine life even during extreme driving conditions. A quality truck lubricant should protect your engine and your truck's components from damage caused by drain-plate sludge.

Rotella's high-performance synthetic base oils also help reduce oil consumption. With reduced oil consumption, you can significantly reduce your repair bills. Rotella's other auto lubricants are designed to perform well under different driving conditions and have the added benefit of providing consistent lubrication for many years. Engine oil is meant to keep your engine performing at its best, but excessive oil consumption can reduce the performance of your engine, as well as wear and tear on other parts of your engine, which could lead to eventual failure. Rotella Synthetic Oil is specially designed for heavy-duty applications and is designed to work closely with your truck engine to deliver maximum performance.