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Rustoleum Truck Bed Coating

Rust-Oleum, Black Automotive 248915 32-Ounce Truck Bed Coating Quarts, Fl Oz (Pack of 1), 2 Pound
  • Flash point: 31.0 degrees_celsius
  • Prevents truck bed damage caused by scratches, rust and weather, while also enhancing your...
  • Textured finish that forms to the contours of a truck bed
  • Stops Rust formula

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Rust-Oleum trademarked truck bed coating is an excellent choice for restoring previously finished, painted, or unfinished metal bed liners. When applied with the proper Rust-Oleum Truck bed liner paint applicator (sold separately), this easy-to-apply durable black polyurethane coating not only prevents future damage caused by moisture, rust, and heavy weather, it also improves the look of your truck. This type of coating can be applied to painted or unpainted truck beds using the included applicator pad. It is very thick and is easy to use, even when applying to a newly finished bed liner. The polyurethane has an epoxy base that is resistant to acid and alkali and resistant to heat, flame, and chemicals.

Although the Rust-oleum truck bed coating comes in both ready-to-use and sprays forms, the ready-to-use form is recommended for users with very little experience applying and caring for paint. The spray form can then be applied to any flat paint surface and is a good choice for restoring a painted or stained bed liner. The spray coating dries fairly quickly and can be applied in small batches. This method does not produce a paint-like finish, but if properly applied, the Rust-oleum coating will still have excellent color protection.

Applying the long-time-protected coating is as simple as placing the pad over the finished bed. A long-time-protected coating provides protection for a lifetime, preventing cracking and peeling. The long-time protection is made possible by the various chemical additives used in the manufacturing of the rust oleum surface, which protect it from moisture, sunlight, and gas vapors.

Most people do not think about applying the spray to their finished beds until they notice a small, water-diluted film forming on top of the finished surface. The first reaction is likely to be surprised at how well the paint and coating adhere to the bed - given that it's been applied for a long time, it should be expected that it would! Applying the long-time-protected coating to a wood bed presents special challenges, including how to evenly spread the product across the entire surface. The best way to ensure even application across the surface is to first apply the rust oleum 24 8914 truck bed coating spray to a clean, dry, sanded wood surface. Next, use a roll of painter's tape to cover the whole surface, except where the tape cutouts.

Once the tape is in place, the best spray-on bed liner kit should then be used to complete the final touch-ups. This includes the sanding of the surface, followed by a light wash of the rust-preventing chemicals, which are then applied with the aid of the spray-on bed lining brush. The final step is then the repaint of the bed. Given the fact that the bed has been thoroughly sanded and dried, the best spray-on bed liner kit should also include a sealer that prevents water from seeping between the bed liner and the painted surface of the truck.

For those looking to save money, the best choice is a u-pol raptor black urethane spray-on truck bed liner. Compared to the traditional latex bed liners, u-pol raptor black urethane offers a stronger bond with the truck's metal surfaces. Since it is acrylic-based, it is much easier to work with. It can also be cleaned as many times as you like, unlike the rubber and plastic liners, which usually need to be air dried before use. In addition to offering a strong bond, the u-pol raptor black urethane spray-on bed liner comes in a variety of attractive colors, making it ideal for all kinds of trucks.

Another option to consider is Rustoleum's Trica Satin Vinyl coating. Like u-pol raptor black, this is a two-stage bed coating spray that offers a strong, durable finish. Like u-pol, it is available in an attractive number of colors. It is easy to clean, but should not be exposed to any liquids or solvents. If exposed, this coating can become brittle and should be carefully removed and properly treated.

Regardless of what Rustoleum's brand is, the company itself is known for its high-quality and competitive pricing. For this reason, many people choose to go with Rustoleum Truck Bed Coating instead of another manufacturer. The internet offers a wealth of resources for additional information about products such as these, including reviews from consumers like you who have tried them. Before you decide on any specific option, it's important that you are aware of everything that's available out there. Take a look at YouTube and amazon com rust black 24 8914 to see some of the most popular brands of truck bed lining paint.