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Spare Tire Mount For Boat Trailer

Fabtech FTT10002BK Angled Spare Tire Mount Kit (Angled Mount Only)
  • Package Dimensions: 78.74 H x 35.56 L x 50.8 W (centimetres)
  • Package Weight: 11.657 kilograms
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific
  • Country of Origin : United States

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How To Use Spare Tire Mounts

A spare tire mount is a great accessory to add to your boat trailer. It is a handy tool for securing a spare tire onto the trailer with the use of a cable. Some boat trailers are manufactured with larger rear tire chains that need to have a truck mount installed by professionals. There are also smaller versions that can be easily carried by hand or installed in a few minutes. All tires should be ready to use when you need them because there are numerous options when it comes to tire mounting.

The tire chains need to be secure enough to prevent the weight of the trailer from rotating it. There are also truck mount accessories that will lock the tire chains on the trailer securely. Most of these are made of metal; some are made of ABS plastic. Locking the tire chains will prevent them from being blown off in strong winds or losing air pressure over time.

A locking tailgate will keep your tires safely locked onto the tire. This is an excellent feature if you often haul heavy items such as lumber, cement or sandbags. This will ensure that the tires do not blow off in strong wind gusts. If you often use the trunk space of your car, then this is an excellent accessory to install on your trailer. Having the weight secure will reduce chances of the tires losing air while driving.

If you have a truck mount, then it may be easier to mount the trailer to the back of the truck. There are various ways to do this depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Some vehicles actually have framework that allow them to be easily mounted. This can be achieved with simple bolt on fittings. If you have a front wheel drive model, then a simple bracket will work, but it may not be very secure.

On rear-end models, you need to use tire chains to get the tire onto the vehicle. Sometimes you can find brackets that are designed to accept chains. It will be up to you to decide which method is best for your mounting.

One major benefit of using tire chains is that they are extremely secure. If you have any kind of knobby tires like knobby mud tires, then these will be unable to be attached to the vehicle without falling off. Tires that are flat and even slightly irregular will also not be able to be attached without falling off. When you have a flat or even slightly irregular tire, this is the perfect time to utilize tire chains.

When mounting the tire to the vehicle, it is important to utilize the right way to bolt it down. Many people make the mistake of not securing the tire chains tightly enough. Not only can this cause the tire to fall off, but the vehicle can become damaged in the process. Bolting the chains down tightly will prevent the tire from shifting or rocking, which can cause damage as well as injury.

Once you have found the proper place to mount the tire on your vehicle, you will want to make sure that you secure the chains to the tire using a tire chain sparer. This is an important step, and one that should be done properly. If you have never used one before, there are many resources available online to help you with this process. You can even purchase wheel guards to go along with the tire chains so that the chain is completely secure. Using a spare tire chains are an important part of your vehicle maintenance, and will increase the life of the tire and can reduce your repair costs when a tire gets damaged.