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Steering Wheel Covers

SEG Direct Black Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover Universal 15 inch
  • ARMOR UP YOUR CAR INTERIOR: The durable and easy-to-install steering wheel cover is the...
  • HAND-SAVER: The fine and supple microfiber leather is much softer than factory-installed...
  • NON-SLIP AND PROTECTION: Constructed from less slippery microfiber leather exterior and...
  • NO MORE STICKY: The auto steering wheel cover is comfy to hold, it absorbs the hand-sweat...
  • READY TO INSTALL: Warm up the steering cover, and slip it on your steering wheel....

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First things first; why, exactly, do you require a steering wheel cover? While it's not an integral part of what really helps you get from Point A to Point B, you will find that in conjunction with the steering wheel, it does help make the whole experience a lot more pleasant. A new steering wheel cover immediately adds a nice visual facelift, instantly boosting your car's majesty and can truly make your old car have that "new" feel.

So what kinds of steering wheel covers are available? In general, the most popular variety is made from synthetic leather, as it gives a nice natural sheen and a completely waterproof, breathable surface. As long as you don't plan on driving in the rain, at least not while the cover comes on (or after you bring the car in), it will work great. But if you do like to take your car out on the road, particularly in rainy weather, a more waterproof, more breathable cover would be better.

Another very popular type of steering wheel covers is those that employ the use of "waffle technology." Yes, there's a pretty name, and yes, it works - but only if the material used is rather thin. What you'll find with this variety of products is that it employs a very unique manufacturing process. You'll see that the waffle pattern doesn't start out thin, but thick. This allows the material to be woven tightly, yet still allow air to ventilate through it - thus allowing heat to escape as well as in. Thus, while you will have to invest in a set of waffle makers in order to make this type of cover work, you will find that the benefits of doing so are quite extraordinary.

One of the biggest benefits, of course, is that steering wheels with universal fit covers are going to be much more secure than any other kind. This is due to the way that the materials they are made from will mold themselves to the shape of your handlebars, which will ultimately minimize any movement. If you've tried other types on before, you know how frustrating it can be when grips either lose their grip or completely lift. In addition, this means that they won't necessarily slip. If you take an improper set on, for example, you might end up sliding around in your vehicle. But when the grips are a universal fit, then your car will be protected regardless of whether you put it on crooked, straight, slanted, or otherwise.

A huge benefit to many people, too, is the fact that this type of steering wheel cover provide comfort. In most cases, this will come in the form of extra padding. Depending on what manufacturer you buy from, this might be a removable layer or a built-in one. Either way, the advantage is that you'll be able to enjoy the comfort that these covers provide. As a result, they can end up being a great investment.

When compared to other forms of steering wheel covers, you'll find that memory foam is typically among the most well-received. This is because it's incredibly comfortable, meaning that you'll likely be able to drive for long hours with it on without any complaints at all. Additionally, it provides exceptional support, meaning that your tires will not slip. At the same time, it's very durable, meaning that it will last for a long time. This, in turn, makes it a great choice for long drives.

Leather is another popular material for steering wheel covers, and many people like the way that it looks. There are also a lot of nice choices here, meaning that there's something available for just about anyone. The big decision that you need to make, however, is whether or not to get a leather cover or a more generic type. The decision here is largely a matter of personal preference, but consider the fact that either option can give you excellent results. In fact, the decision could be narrowed down to whether or not you want one that matches your overall vehicle interior or if you'd rather have something that stands out.

If you've had an accident or two on the road, you may want to consider investing in a more specialized kind of steering wheel cover. For example, there are covers made to protect against sun damage. While sun damage is not a common occurrence, it can happen to anyone at any time. When it does, your vehicle's performance could be significantly impaired. Fortunately, steering wheels are often made out of thick vinyl that can withstand lots of abuse. This means that you can drive hassle-free knowing that you're driving on solid rubber that doesn't sacrifice grip.