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Street Tires For Drag Racing

Mickey Thompson ET Street R Racing Radial Tire - P305/45R17
  • Proven R2 compound provides superior performance at the strip with little burnout required
  • Tubeless “Radial Pro” technology to provide the ultimate traction
  • Minimal tread void for the ultimate dry traction
  • 8 popular 15- to 18-inch radial sizes

Buyer's Guide: Street Tires For Drag Racing

How to Choose the Best Street Motorcycle Tires For Drag Racing

If you have been doing any amount of research into drag racing, or street motorcycle racing, you have probably read all about the type of tire that is best suited for the purpose. These are generally performance tires, and the tread should be very smooth and not have any lumps or bumps in them. This means that you do not want race slicks, or knobby tires. They can ruin the balance of the bike, and can often throw the rider off balance while going fast.

Street motorcycles and street tires are very similar, except that street tires are normally used on honda motorcycles, and may have some different tread patterns than those of a Harley. When comparing the two, the most important aspect is going to be the tread. If the tread is too smooth, it will be very slick when going down the road, but if it has any sort of give, it is more likely to give when you hit the bumps in the road. This is why it is so important to find tires that are made for the purpose, as opposed to just for road riding. It is important to get the right balance between performance and safety.

There are many different manufactures that make these tires for drag racing. There is a specialty company in Canada that does this, as well as a few others around the world. Some are American, some are European, and some are Asian based. It pays to shop around and find the best possible tires for your particular form of racing.

How to Choose the Best Street Motorcycle Tires for Drag Racing There are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are shopping for drag racing tires. The first is that you are going to get what you pay for. This is a very popular sport in Europe, where many people will race their dirt bikes on the open road, but there are some rules that they must follow, such as maximum speed limits, tire treads, and more. If you want to be safe, then you need to make sure that you are getting real, high performance tires, that will perform as they are designed.

Some of the better options are supplied by Specialty Performance Products Inc. This is an American company that has been supplying drag racers with the highest quality products for years, and continues to improve and make changes to their products every year. They have taken the best from Europe and added a little more of their own style. They have developed new compounds that provide the best possible traction on all road surfaces, not just dirt or sand.

How to Choose the Best Street Motorcycle Tires for Drag Racing There are a few things to keep in mind when you are shopping for drag racing tires. The first is that you get what you pay for. That means that if you choose to go with a cheaper brand or go with a brand that doesn't make very good tires, then you are probably going to have a bad time out on the strip. It's better to spend a little more up front to get the best possible tires and to ensure that they will last as long as possible in your particular area. Then you can upgrade after you are comfortable with the tires and know that you are getting the best performance possible from them.

Drag Strip Racing The last thing you want to do when you are shopping for the best street motorcycle tires for drag racing is to choose the least expensive option. You want to be sure to choose a durable all-season tire with the maximum tread that you can afford. You also want to choose a compound that offers the best possible traction. Your track conditions may change throughout the year, so you want to choose a tire that is going to be able to take those changes. Also, don't forget that you want a good solid grip on the road and that you want to be able to stop quickly.

Your Drag Lap The last consideration you should make when you are looking at your dragstrip options is what type of tread pattern you want. The most popular option is solid rubber, but if you are going with a budget that won't go too high, then you can also choose something like quarter-inch ply tires with a radial design. Choose a design that will work best for your area and make the best use of the pavement you have. Your best bet is going to be a compound that offers very good traction in a variety of different surfaces.